Elvis Costello’s first performance in Japan in 8 years leaves everyone feeling euphoric.

Ototoy – Shunichi Otaka April 0th 2024. Photo By Yuki Kuroyanagi

The official live report and live photos of the first day of the tour with ally Steve Naive held at Sumida Triphony Hall have arrived.

About three minutes past the scheduled time, Elvis Costello and Steve Naive appeared, and Costello greeted them with, “It’s been a while, this is going to be a special show.” Costello immediately sang the first song, “When I Was Cruel No. 2.” ” and began to play, loosening the hearts of the audience that filled Sumida Triphony Hall.

Costello, holding a heavy-resonating rhythm machine and an electric guitar, was seated on the stage’s slightly right-hand side, and on his left was Steve Naive, who played a grand piano and electric keyboard, and played a keyboard harmonica for some songs. The title track from the 2002 album “When I Was Cruel” is arranged to have a heavier sound than the original, and it hits hard, and Naive immediately descends into the audience with a keyboard harmonica in hand.

The two of them have been together on all kinds of stages and recordings for about 45 years, so no matter what happens, they are confident that they can handle it all. He is well aware of how passionate Costello has fans in Japan, so he is in good hands.

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