Turning the Town Red




Turning the Town Red


You've been taught that this won't do
They put me in the picture but the film turned blue
A glimpse of you, Turning The Town Red.

A head full of brand new words and a mouth full of shocks
You're a big boy now, with a face to stop clocks.
Turning the town red.

You made your bed, and now you'd better dream in it.
The word that you once whispered, now you're screamin' it.

Days drip down the damp wallpaper.
Pictures plastered on the ivy creeper between your old toy soldiers
and your mother's sleepers.
Turning the town red.

You made your bed, you'd better face the consequence.
A black pool opened at my feet into a dream sequence.
Turning the town red.

You know I heard her call my name
At least, I think that's what she said.
Surely I'm the correlation that's gonna cause her shame
So, what's she doing in my bed?
Turning the town red. (Repeat.)
(Painting the town red.)


Released on Feb 1, 1987
Published by ℗ Elvis Costello under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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