The Invisible Man




The Invisible Man


I was committed to life and then commuted to the outskirts
With all the love in the world
Living for thirty minutes at a time with a break in the middle for adverts

But it's a wonderful world within these cinema walls
Where a shower of affection becomes Niagara Falls
And you wish she could step down from the screen to your seat in the stalls

Cos if stars are only painted on the ceiling above
Then who can you turn to and who do you love
I want to get out while I still can
I want to be like Harry Houdini
Now I'm the invisible man

My head is spinning round faster and faster
Here I stand on the edge of disaster
I'm shattered like a piece of crystal porcelain or alabaster

Crowds surround loudspeakers hanging from the lampposts
Listening to the murder mystery
Meanwhile someone's hiding in the classroom
Forging books of history
Never mind there's a good film showing tonight
Where they hang everybody who can read and write
Oh that could never happen here but then again it might


Released on Aug 5, 1983
Published by Columbia Records

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