No Action




No Action


I don't wanna kiss you
I don't wanna touch
I don't wanna see you
'cause I don't miss you that much

I'm not a telephone junkie
I told you that we were just good friends
But when I hold you like I hold that bakelite in my hands

there's no action
there's no action
there's no action
Every time I phone you, I just wanna put you down

He's got the keys to the car
They are the keys to the kingdom
He's got everything you need
It's a shame that he didn't bring them

I'm not a telephone junkie
If I'm inserting my coin I'm doing just fine
And the things in my head start hurting my mind

And I think about the way things used to be
knowing you with him is driving me crazy
Sometimes I phone you when I know you're not lonely
but I always disconnect it in time

This Year's Model

Released on Mar 17, 1978
Published by Radar

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