Little Goody Two Shoes




Little Goody Two Shoes


You can take a powder
You can take a drink.
You can keep the shrink
And the kitchen sink
Can write my name in heaven in invisible ink.
Just leave it, baby, when there's no time to think.

Little goody two shoes is here to clinch.
You can miss me by a mile or you can miss by an inch.
Don't move a muscle, baby, don't even flinch
Or little goody two shoes will feel the pinch.

You can take me over
You can give me a lip
You can take me over
You can give me the slip
You can take off everything or tear me off a strip
With a bullet in the chamber and another in the clip


Just when you thought you got what you deserved
Just when it's time to stop trying
A voice says, "Boy, have you got a nerve
Why do you have to keep crying and crying?"

You can take me outside
You can take me apart
You can take me upstairs
You can take me to heart
You can take the decision that it's time to depart
Don't try to stop me when you told me to start



Released on Feb 1, 1987
Published by ℗ Elvis Costello under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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