I read by line by line by line
Some words of yours, some words of mine
Some sentiments are best forgot
Some letters read then folded shut

The profile on a postage stamp
I traced it by my reading lamp
Remembered when I’d sit in wait
Then marked our parting from that date

I read by line by line by line
That old sarcastic Valentine
That you denied you’d sent to me
Then took it back

It’s a thought that we shared, a careless phrase
A curse or a joke, some words of praise
But I didn’t write
Did you wonder why?
It wasthe easiest way to say “Goodbye”

You’ll see my photo beside the article
“That’s just some guy I used to know
I was never his
He was always mine
But I wrote him off by line by line”
By line by line by line by line
By line by line
By line by line

Hey Clockface 400 400 S C1

Released October 30, 2020
Published by ℗ Elvis Costello, Under exclusive license to Concord Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

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