Bluesfest Touring announces Elvis Costello & The Imposters 2023 tour

Elvis Costello & The Imposters will return to Australia in 2023, headlining shows in

Sydney and Melbourne, following their appearance at the 34th Annual

Bluesfest in Byron Bay over the Easter Long Weekend.

“It’s been twelve years since our first appearance at the Byron Bay

Bluesfest – when we shared an evening bill with Bob Dylan, and I got to

sit in with Mavis Staples. I see a number of friends and favourites are

on this year’s bill, so who knows what thrills, spills and encounters

may take place. 

There is nothing that jolts a show alive so much as stack of strong new songs but we 

recorded ‘The Boy Named If’ while locked away in our lairs and hideaways, so bringing 

those songs to the stage has made the hits and highlights of the songbook ring out anew.

The Imposters will make their Sydney Opera House bow 39 years after I

made my solo debut at that legendary venue. 

The very name of the venue probably should have got my attention when I first arrived 

in Melbourne in 1978, pursued by a press posse after a slight dust-up in Sydney.

After all, the ‘Hammersmith Palais’ was my dad’s place of work for most

of my childhood. It seems I am destined and disposed to return to venues

called the “Palais”, like a homing pigeon or some other more tuneful

bird. The proximity to the seaside and a fun-fair only adds the thrill. 

The Imposters and I are not bringing any vaudevillian contraptions with

us on this occasion, but we will be joined by our guest guitarist,

Charlie Sexton and a stack strong recently recorded songs that have

caused the hits and headlines of the repertoire to either ring out anew

or fight for their place in the show.  “We are ready as anybody can be

and look forward to seeing you there.”  – Elvis Costello

Tour Dates:

April 6 -10 2023 – Bluesfest Byron Bay, AU

April 9 2023 – Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Sydney, AU

April 10 2023 – Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Sydney, AU

April 13 2023 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne, AU

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