Elvis Costello & The Imposters Turn Greek Theatre Into An Imperial Bedroom

By popular demand, Elvis Costello & The Imposters bring their new show, “Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers” to the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles on the 4th of June, 2017.

Den oprindelige Napoleon Dynamite

Costellos "Detour" pløjer sig igennem hele Europa i denne tid. I Danmark er vi blevet begavet med tre koncerter; Aalborg og Odense, og til sidst en udsolgt koncert i København.

Costello's "Detour" plows through all of Europe at this time. In Denmark, we have been gifted with three concerts; Aalborg and Odense, and finally out show in Copenhagen.

With Roy Orbison's landmark all-star 'Black & White Night' long form video being re-released in new format, Jennifer Warnes reveals its influence on Leonard Cohen

One of the great live long form rock video programs, Roy Orbison & Friends: Black & White Night, gets a makeover in a re-edited, remastered and expanded 30th anniversary version titled Roy Orbison's Black & White Night 30. Jennifer Warnes vividly remembers the intense production of Roy Orbison & Friends.

Elvis Costello makes long-overdue return to Calgary

Call it an early Christmas present for fans, or a wonderful gift in support of the Owen Hart Foundation … either way, it was difficult not to feel the warm glow inside the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on Saturday night.

Elvis Costello turns Beacon Theatre into his 'Imperial Bedroom'

The focus of this tour, obviously, was his acclaimed 1982 album Imperial Bedroom, which he and his Imposters band (keyboardist Steve Nieve, drummer Pete Thomas and bassist/vocalist Davey Faragher), intermittently supported by backup singers Kitten Kuroi and YahZarah, performed in its entirety, with excellent song choices also from Costello's early period thrown into the mix.

Elvis Costello remembers his father's influence in new memoir

When Declan Patrick MacManus was just seven years old, his father — a musician of Irish descent — left home. But he remained a big inspiration to the young boy, and the two would go on to share a lifetime of music together. That young boy is better known as Elvis Costello.

Artist Spotlight: Elvis Costello’s “Unfaithful Music”

He has the unique ability to whittle down every human emotion into a five-minute song. His ability to laugh at life in an ironic, satirical manner makes bad situations seem better. If you’re ever sad, there is bound to be an Elvis Costello song out there that sums up your exact feelings.

Elvis Costello Looked back - And Ahead - With Imperial Bedroom Tour

At last night’s NYC tour closer, the second of two sold-out nights at the Beacon Theater, the reformed punk was backed by his longtime Imposters — the Attractions’ inimitable Steve Nieve on piano and Pete Thomas on drums, and Davey Faragher who replaced original bassist Bruce Thomas back in the ’90s — along with backup vocalists Kitten Kuroi and YahZarah. In a clever nod to the album cover, a Barney Bubbles painting titled “Snakecharmer & Reclining Octopus,” dayglo Picasso-fied revisions of Costello’s many albums appeared onscreen behind the musicians during the night. Meanwhile, the setlist was far from a run through of the album in order. Since it was technically billed as Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers, promising “the songs that led in and out of that velvet-trimmed playhouse,” other chambers received plenty of attention.

Elvis Costello Delivers 'Imperial Bedroom' Gems & Sick Trump Burn at NYC Concert

In case that oblique Trump dig wasn't clear enough, he finally cut loose and stuck the knife into the Republican presidential candidate. "If you're gonna vote for a fucking orange clown, you could pick Ronald McDonald," he told the crowd to genuine laughs and appreciative applause.

The Great Imposter

Elvis Imperial Bedroom show was such a triumph, why it should serve as a blueprint for anyone figuring out how to do the “album” show.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Dates Come This Fall Second Beacon Theatre Show Added By Popular Demand

Elvis Costello & The Imposters will return to the U.S. for twelve East Coast and Midwest shows this fall on the "Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers” tour. Second Beacon Theatre Show Added By Popular Demand.

Elvis Costello returns to the Warner Theatre 38 years after a legendary performance

The proceedings hit a kinetic level not often seen at concerts headlined by performers of Costello’s vintage with the epic closer, “(What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding.” Just as he had the last time he filled this room, Costello looked like he’s going to stick around a while. Heck, maybe even longer than Springsteen.

Elvis Costello & the Imposters at Shea's

So many impeccably crafted lyrics, such rich and compelling melodies, and oh, what a deep catalog lined with gems to choose from.

Elvis Costello arrived at the appropriately resplendent Shea’s Performing Arts Center on Wednesday with a gift bag that overflowed with treats, and he wasn’t skimpy about handing them out.

Elvis Costello returns to the “Bedroom” in Ann Arbor

The veteran British singer and songwriter was in full voice and fiery from on Sunday, Oct. 30, when he came back to the Michigan, this time with his band the Imposters, for a high-octane, conceptually satisfying epic of a show.

Elvis Costello @ The Chicago Theatre

For his Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers tour, Elvis Costello promised to revisit selections from his 1982 album of the same name, as well as “the songs that led in and out of that velvet-trimmed playhouse.” With an almost 40-year deep catalog to pull from, Costello’s Saturday night show at The Chicago Theatre proved to be an eclectic and dazzling trip through some of his deep album cuts, big hits, and new, unreleased gems.

Elvis Costello follows the music, not the playbook, in rollicking Bethlehem show

Elvis Costello and the Imposters accomplished what every band should – they left the audience thrilled and wanting more.

Elvis Costello reaches deep for innovative Chicago Theatre set

In terrific voice, Costello crooned and serenaded, cried and shouted, taking stock of unspeakable relationship ills while unfurling lyrics with encyclopedic depth.

Elvis Costello & the Imposters @ the Palace Theatre

Not that it wasn’t quite a brilliant performance. It was indeed, and there were quite a few thrilling moments throughout the evening, but it would have been quite a challenge for Costello & Co. to cut loose and really tear it up, as they were focused on – although certainly not exclusively restricted to – Imperial Bedroom, perhaps the most pivotal album in his long and eclectic musical career.

Costello, Imposters deliver classics with curveball

Costello took the worn-out concept of artists playing a classic album and made it something unique: He played his 1982 masterpiece "Imperial Bedroom" differently than on record, out of order and interspersing its tracks throughout his two-hour set in a way that made it feel less like an album being played and more like organic song selection.

Elvis Costello and The Imposters, Orpheum Theater Boston

The Imperial Bedroom and Other Chambers tour is on its third stop. A set list with some pretty interesting change ups and in the cavern of filth as I like to refer to the Orpheum. Elvis took us on a journey to what I consider one of his very best albums. With some added bonuses.

Elvis Costello cancels his November 1st tour date at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, PA due to ongoing strike by the PSO

Elvis Costello has cancelled his November 1st tour date at Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, PA because of an ongoing strike by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Heinz Hall is the Orchestra’s home venue.

Elvis Costello, Larkin Poe smolder at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Displaying warmth and gratitude every time he moved around the stage and bowed or smiled at the crowd, Costello managed the ideal balance between humor and pathos as he recalled his father’s career as a singer (“Ghost Train”) and reworked his poppiest hit, “Veronica,” so that its inherent melancholy seeped through the bouncing melody he created with Paul McCartney.

Elvis Costello's richly rewarding 'Detour' to Town Hall via Donald Trump

The enduring image of Elvis Costello following his triumphant Detour concert Saturday night (Oct. 1) at Town Hall was of the beloved entertainer holding up a guitar like a trophy, as if he’d just magically pulled it out of his hat, or if he had been playing piano, standing up in proud acknowledgement of his SRO crowd’s standing ovation, as if he’d just pulled his intact head out of a lion’s mouth.

'Is it too late to announce my candidacy?'

I know we’re only a few weeks away from Election Day, but can you imagine anything better than having Elvis Costello as our president? The 62-year old Englishman has already proven himself as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time, as evidenced by his nearly two-hour performance at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center on Monday night. So who's to say he wouldn't be just as good at running our country?

Elvis Costello: The Detour Tour

Elvis Costello performed solo at the Carlsen Center, playing songs from his forty-year career and proving why he is one of THE great contemporary songwriters.

Elvis Costello explores all sides of his catalog at Majestic Theatre

A man divided by love and loathing, torn between the dark and the light — was, in fact, masking a rich polyphony, one mood deeply informing the other, enriching both, and, in turn, all of those fortunate enough to watch Elvis Costello work.

At Yardley Hall, Elvis Costello proves he's one of the most prolific songwriters

He has been considered one of the best and most prolific songwriters of the past 50 years, and Friday night inside Yardley Hall on the campus of Johnson County Community College, Elvis Costello proved why.

Elvis Costello takes 'Detour' concert to Oklahoma City

The English singer- songwriter, 62, will bring his “Detour” concert to Oklahoma for a second time Monday night. Along with it comes a continuing Costello family tradition of performing live that stretches back to his musical grandfather, a huge stage prop shaped like an old-school TV set and stripped-down interpretations of iconic material spanning Costello's 40-year career.

Elvis Costello remembers country music legend Merle Haggard ahead of return to Oklahoma City

Though he counts Haggard as one of his biggest country influences, he said he still sometimes discovers songs in the artist’s back catalogue that blow him away.

Elvis Costello rocks the Paramount in Cedar Rapids

Costello charmed and challenged the audience with both old and new songs. Even his oldest hits gained vitality and currency in his solo performance; rather than rote repetition of former glories, they had the wry wistfulness of a 62-year-old composer reflecting on his remarkable, anything-but-misspent youth.

Elvis Costello Announces Preservation Hall Jazz Band will join him at Saenger Theater on October 15th

Elvis Costello has announced that the Preservation Hall Jazz Band will join him onstage for a portion of his set at the historic Saenger Theater in New Orleans for his October 15th "Detour" solo show.

Elvis Costello's Solo "Detour" Continues In October With More US Dates

After playing a series of overseas shows, Elvis Costello will continue his solo “Detour” tour in the US with 12 shows across the Midwest and South, including Austin City Limits Live in Austin, TX, and Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.

Elvis Costello Announces Three New York City Concerts This Fall

Elvis Costello has revealed his plans for three New York City shows this fall: the debut NYC date of his “Detour” solo tour, Saturday, October 1, at the Town Hall, and two concerts billed as "Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers” on Sunday November 6 & Monday November 7 at the Beacon Theatre, the first full Elvis Costello and The Imposters dates in NYC since 2011.

Elvis Costello and Mary-Louise Parker Sing Each Other's Praises in Brooklyn

Parker and Costello were in Brooklyn on July 26 to shed light on the craft of memoir writing. Parker’s book, a collection of hypothetical “thank you notes” written to men from her past, present and future entitled Dear Mr. You, was released in paperback in June, while Costello published his 674-page autobiography, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, last October to acclaim. “Most rock autobiographies,” wrote Dwight Garner in The New York Times, “seem tossed off and phoned in: tour souvenirs. Not this one.”

Elvis Costello Live In Belfast

When Politik and pop combine is when Costello is at his finest, rocking behind a telecaster, fiery wit, thick-rimmed specs and a turn of phrase not often bettered on the British songwriting scene.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Colston Hall

Costello’s numbers are mini-epics in themselves, brilliantly realised and orchestrated, memorable and marvellous, his inimitable quaver cutting through the great musicianship

Elvis Costello & The Imposters at the Colston Hall

Sweat-drenched but still pumped up, Costello launched into the Nick Lowe-penned (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding before finally taking their final bow after two and a quarter hours of pure class and musicianship that brought the Bristol Americana Weekend to a rousing, foot-tapping finale.

IN praise of Elvis Costello, the thinking person's choice of rock idol

There have been, and will be, many flashier performances to see this year, but few artists (and I include many much more famous names) will be able to draw on such a rewarding hinterland and astonishingly varied career. Elvis Costello is a remarkable chap and he can't come back to see us again soon enough.

Elvis Costello & the Imposters at Iveagh Gardens

Flanked by the Imposters, Mr MacManus proves he's the very real deal.

Elvis Costello, Barrowland, Glasgow

With the band set up in close formation and the most basic of lighting rigs, this was a back-to-basics rock'n'roll show, led by a much-underrated guitarist from the front on an array of instruments (and pedals) deployed for their sonic possibilities as much as any virtuoso fingering.


Have you heard the one about Elvis Costello going through the motions? No, neither have we. The singer, songwriter, author and transatlantic TV star was back treading the boards of the Phil last night. Once again, he confounded expectations. And made a big noise.

Lost On The River? Elvis Costello headlines Henley On Thames Festival

So Elvis emerges with his soul intact, one-time punks in bowties go home happy and most remarkably of all – despite the dress code and the opulence – we discover that with the right act you can stage an actual music festival anywhere… even on the banks of the Thames during the Henley regatta.

Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Lionel Richie, Chic Feted At Songwriters Hall Of Fame Ceremony

This evening kicked off with Marcus Mumford inducting Elvis Costello (suitable because the two worked together on the recent New Basement Tapes album of Bob Dylan re-imaginings). “I’m going to do a quick bit of stand-up,” said before leading the house band into Costello’s “Pump It Up.”

Songwriters Hall of Fame: Elvis Costello, Marvin Gaye and Tom Petty honoured.

The late Marvin Gaye, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Chip Taylor and Chic (Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards) were inducted into the Songwriters Hall in New York City on Thursday night

Elvis Costello, Teatro Monumental, Madrid

Costello proves to be a real showman, getting, on many occasions, sounding almost as if accompaniment.

Elvis Costello o como amar la musica y vivir para contarlo

You can not ask for or give more, this is love music and the rest is nonsense.

Elvis Costello en Madrid: un repaso autobiografico a su carrera

Un formato espartano que crea una atmósfera íntima con el espectador perfecta para un espectáculo a medio camino entre concierto y monólogo.

Concierto De Elvis Costello En Zaragoza

Intimacy and energy alternated throughout the show.

La bravura di Elvis Costello sta nel saper emozionare anche con imperfezione

A journey in stages not chronological but emotional, through songs, inspirations, friends, personal anecdotes of a very long life and subsequent career, performed with an intensity phenomenal in every little detail.

Elvis Costello Takes Another 'Detour'

Elvis Costello takes his acclaimed Detour solo show for another spin in May including 4 nights at the London Palladium May 10th-14th.


I don’t usually like to reveal what goes on behind the green door but my current predicament demands that I am frank about this for those who care to read on…

A Face In The Crowd

Elvis Costello has never been stingy about treating live audiences to new work. Back in tape-trading days, when fandom involved a lot of cassette-duping and licking stamps, it was always a thrill to acquire a static-filled, heavily-generated recording of an early show where he unveiled songs we’ve since grown to love.

Elvis Costello still has plenty of talent to burn at the London Palladium

Costello moved between electric guitar and piano, playing with the undiminished fury of his youth, packing in a dazzling range of numbers.

Stripped-back star at his impish best

“Welcome to my opening night at the London Palladium – I’ve been waiting to say that since I was seven years old,” smirks Elvis Costello on the first of his solo Detour tour’s four nights in the illustrious home of light entertainment.

Elvis Costello remembers late Allen Toussaint, shares fond memories at Jazz Fest

Allen Toussaint was on Elvis Costello’s brain Thursday at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival — literally. Costello closed the Gentilly Stage wearing a purple Kangol-style cap decorated with a button that bore the likeness of a beaming Toussaint.

Elvis Costello, Beyond Belief at the Gentilly Stage, Jazz Fest 2016

Costello will always be beloved for expressing the angst and outrage of youth with musical craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. And Thursday proved that his stage persona has stood the test of time as well, blending a sense of mature gentlemanliness with a certain un-extinguished wickedness.

The Skinny: A career in hindsight

Costello is no stranger to gruffness. It’s been an inseparable part of his live persona, and part of his performance charm. His voice is forceful, his guitar playing brutish at times. And yet, from melodies to lyrics to chord structures, his songs are deeply sophisticated and nuanced. That dichotomy can be thrilling.

Elvis Costello visits McDonald Theatre for intimate 'Detour'

Costello is well known as a brilliant songwriter, but almost every song at his concert was accompanied by a story that was crafted as carefully as the song. It felt like an intimate conversation between Costello and the sold-out crowd.

Larkin Poe Gets A "Surprise Call" From Conan

There was a knock on the door of our dressing room. Actually, less of a knock and more of a metallic rapping, loud enough to make us startle.

Elvis Costello is 'Da Tour' guide on winding retrospective of his career

For more than 2 and a half hours Tuesday night, Elvis Costello guided fans on a tour from his childhood to his early days on tour, through his foray into New Orleans and to his life today as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Tour Diary: Larkin Poe Goes On The Road With Elvis Costello

How did we come to be here in this sedan, on this tour, supporting Elvis Costello? Two sisters from Atlanta, one living legend from Liverpool …

Elvis Costello sure wastes no time sending fans into a frenzy

Strolling out onto the stage with an electric guitar, Costello was shrouded in darkness as he looped the eerie reverb-drenched sounds. It was stunning as ever.

Elvis Costello rocked the unplugged 'Storyteller' format with passion and humor in Mesa Detour.

But for the most part, Detour, as the show was billed, featured Costello alone on assorted guitars and piano singing songs and telling stories that were frequently hilarious but also deeply moving on occasion.

Elvis Costello in San Diego

In our millisecond attention span culture, where flash, pomp, and circumstance is usually the champion of the day, having a musician of Costello's caliber, with a catalog spanning parts of 5 decades, simply walk on stage, share his stories and his music in such a personal way, and have a silent room hanging on his every word and note was incredibly refreshing.

Elvis Costello perseveres in marathon San Diego show

Perseverance and artistry paid off in a big way for Elvis Costello Thursday night at the Balboa Theatre. The 2003 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was able to overcome his atypical vocal problems through determination, some key help from his potent opening act, Larkin Poe, and the sheer force of Costello’s personality and gem-filled songbook.

Riverside: Elvis Costello makes Fox stop memorable

Like Etta James singing on the steps on the Riverside County courthouse or Rage Against the Machine playing to people hanging from the rafters at The Barn, Elvis Costello’s show at the Fox Performing Arts Center Tuesday night instantly became part of Riverside’s musical history.

Elvis Costello writes the book of his long career in L.A. show

It was the kind of special night that the 61-year-old Costello can seemingly deliver with ease so comfortable is he on stage with just an array of guitars, a grand piano and a microphone. But if you think about how prolific he’s been – and truly, he’s one of the greatest songwriters of his generation – and the fact that he swaps out nearly half of his set from night to night it’s apparent just how rare an artist he is.

Elvis Costello Tells Tales, Pumps Up Volume on Post-Memoir Solo Tour

Reminiscing and raucousness take turns in a (mostly) one-man show that touched down for a sold-out engagement at L.A.'s Theatre at Ace Hotel.

Elvis Costello takes (mostly) solo Detour to L.A.'s Ace Hotel

Over the course of the evening, he literally moved from a whisper to a scream, making the most of the dynamic possibilities of the solo format from delicately nuanced songs on which he played lightly on an acoustic parlor guitar through rockers in which he channeled that youthful anger of auld while bashing away on one of his amplified hollow-body electric instruments.

Elvis Costello solo (San Francisco, March 30, 2016)

Costello was, as always, a witty and genial host, and watching his mischievous “Take that!” expressions after he nailed an unexpected song choice, or finished off the blistering, looped guitar solo on “Watching the Detectives” was a treat.

Elvis Costello Solo "Detour" US Dates Set for Spring 2016

Elvis Costello has announced west coast US solo “Detour” dates for spring 2016. Costello’s solo dates over the last several years are lauded by critics and fans, called “unforgettable” and “The best showcase of [Elvis’] talent to date.”

Elvis Costello rolls into Santa Rosa

Before Elvis Costello takes the stage at Luther Burbank Center on March 29 as part of his “Detour” tour, he shared with us his perspective on his life and career, and his ever-changing relationship with his own music.

Elvis Costello - Detour: Live At Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

For a gifted songwriter such as Costello, the solo format works well, allowing the words and vocals to shine throughout. Detour showcases an artist who has lost nothing to the passage of time and the guest appearances from Larkin Poe enhance the performances. Well worth a look.

Nuns banned Elvis Costello taking a Beatles name

Elvis Costello has revealed that he was so obsessed with the Beatles as a boy he tried to take John or Paul as a confirmation name. However his plans were blocked by the disapproving nuns at his secondary school.

The Works Presents Elvis Costello on RTÉ One

Diana Krall sang a sublime tribute to Allen Toussaint at the Saenger

Diana Krall had already softened the Saenger Theatre crowd Thursday night (Nov. 12), with her sweetly melancholic song selection and vocal style. When her piano solo segued into a wistful rendition of the late Allen Toussaint's "Southern Nights," the audience melted completely.

Elvis Costello Uses Hits, Deep Cuts To Signal Artistic Vitality

The absolute highlight of the concert came when Costello returned from the shadows once again and he proceeded to perform a wonderfully stripped-back "Alison" with only his acoustic guitar and without a microphone. In the ultimate unplugged moment, Costello offered a revelation. Gently strumming the guitar strings with his thumb, Costello exhibited his own musicality, the full might of his voice and the powerful emotion packed into one of his greatest songs.

Steely Dan, Elvis Costello Close Out Tour at Perfect Vodka

The legendary pop outfit brought along a very special guest in Elvis Costello and his band, the Imposters. Costello opened for Steely Dan, but in truth, this was a double-headliner treat for music fans.

Elvis Costello and Steely Dan make great sense together at the Susq

Should it surprise anybody that Elvis Costello and his rugged yet nuanced backing trio the Imposters worked so well on a bill with the urbane, sophisticated Steely Dan on Monday at Camden's Susquehanna Bank Center? Hardly.

"Got Any Wensleydale?"

Elvis Costello and Steely Dan showed their fans the brilliance of aging cheese: sometimes the longer something sits, the better it becomes.

Last Best Show: Steely Dan and Elvis Costello at the Pavilion

The intense, menacing psychotic fever dream of obsessive love "I Want You" was a deep cut that thrilled true fans. "Pump it Up" and his cover of Nick Lowe's "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding" ended the set on a rocking note.

Crowd wants more of Costello, and he obliges

Sioux City! If you were looking for a master class in rock, you should have been at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Friday night. Elvis was outside the building, eager to help you get schooled.

Their aim was true

Drawing from a career that’s included everything from punk rock standards to eclectic collaboration, Costello and his band, the Imposters, delivered a spirited, varied show that had the crowd alternately seated in silent reverence and as dancing in the aisles.

Steely Dan & Elvis Costello at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

He got plenty of reaction from the crowd thanks to bravura vocal performances on “Flutter & Wow,” “Veronica” and “Everyday I Write the Book.” He also let the characteristically economical Imposters stretch out and jam a bit on “One Bell Ringing.”

Steely Dan, Elvis Costello Turn Summer Cool

Costello’s buttery voice was in fine form, and his musical wit was well-matched with the headliners’. On this night, both acts expertly allowed fans to experience the true measure of their artistry.

Steely Dan and Elvis Costello at Gexa Energy Pavilion

"His set list was, really, more adventurous than Steely Dan’s...switching from old favorites to recent numbers such as Flutter and Wow and Jimmie Standing in the Rain (which concluded with a beautiful bit of a cappella singing by Costello)."

Steely Dan & Elvis Costello, Classic Rock's Distinguished Gentlemen

Opening the show was Elvis Costello & the Imposters, a headliner in his own right, with an hour-long career retrospective that jumped genres, tempos, and vocal timbre.

Steely Dan & Elvis Costello mix well at the Hollywood Bowl

It’s all good – terrific, actually – and the 18 songs they scattered over two hours fully satisfied the mostly full house, as did an hour long set from Elvis Costello & the Imposters.

Steely Dan and Elvis Costello at Shoreline Amphitheater, 7.11.15

For Costello and the Imposters, it was a warm, no-nonsense approach that helped them and the material feel timeless. Costello’s commercial peaks were never as towering as some of his contemporaries and his latter-career efforts have produced some gems.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

After Costello's Portland show on Wednesday night, I heard someone behind me say that it was “like seeing the Who in their heyday,” and they weren’t wrong—just in terms of sheer endurance Costello outclasses every other artist his age, save maybe Springsteen.

Elvis Costello gets fired up at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

He touched on country twang, reggae groove, New Wave synth silliness and fuzz-rock heroics, a mode he stayed in for much of the night. If you didn't know Costello was a guitar shredder, he made sure to let us in on the secret.

Steely Dan Summer 2015 'Rockabye Gollie Angel Tour' With Special Guest Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Steely Dan’s 2015 “Rockabye Gollie Angel Tour” will extend into the summer with special guest Elvis Costello & The Imposters.

Elvis Costello St David's Hall, Cardiff

The night ends with Costello urging fans to leave their seats for a romp through (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love And Understanding.
A great night with a national treasure in fine form.

Elvis Costello: Live @ St David's Hall, Cardiff - June 2015

His voice was as ever his own distinctive tone that shaped and wormed its way around and above the amazing tone he pulled from every guitar he played or when he sat at the grand piano Elvis was entertaining with the full box of musical fireworks tonight.

Elvis Costello pays tribute to Charlotte Church during his stripped back Cardiff gig

The night ended with an outing of one of his earliest classics, (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding. A fitting finale indeed and a fitting sentiment too on a night when all those things ruled the Welsh capital.

Elvis Costello aims true at Plymouth Pavilions

That voice, sometimes a deep, mellow, heavy whisper, at others sailing to the top notes, and frequently a rock’n’roll screech, sounded as good as new.

Elvis Costello at Plymouth Pavilions

It's fair to stay that although Elvis may be past his best vocally his guitar playing was right up there with some of the greats. As he skipped around the instruments he held so dearly I was amazed at his skill and pace.

Elvis Costello wows the Colston Hall

Still looking like he could play for a few more hours, Costello finally left the stage to a standing ovation that was thoroughly deserved for a performance that reaffirmed him as one of the truly great troubadours of our time.

Elvis Costello, Colston Hall, Bristol, June 21. As good a storyteller as he is a singer

Making a solo appearance at Bristol's Colston Hall Costello thrummed his way through a collection of era-defining music; songs that have not just stood the test of time but seem to hold new relevance for an uncertain, unequal modern world.

Offering Her Take on the Elvis Costello Songbook, Karen Oberlin Reinvents Herself

With her new show His Aim Is True: The Singular Songs of Elvis Costello at Stage 72, you'll meet the new Karen Oberlin. Gone are the controlled vibrato, upper range, emotional translucence, femininity, and the playfulness of a purveyor of American Songbook/pop.

Singing superstar Elvis Costello played an astonishing set of acoustic music in Southampton

The legendary songwriter performed more than two hours of greatest hits and other tunes at The Guildhall as part of his nationwide 21-date Detour tour.

Elvis Costello at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Tonight at The Phil, playing an acoustic set, the tracks pared right back to the bone, his voice and the power and emotion of his lyrics were allowed to step right to the foreground. This was truly a spectacular show, from a musical legend with a songbook so dizzyingly good it sets your head spinning.

Costello takes solo show to new heights

It was the personal touches such as the different set list for every gig, and insight into his family that made the show special.

Elvis Costello at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall

The Last Year Of My Youth - unveiled on the Letterman show last year, even though he'd only written it the day before - showed that his brilliant songwriting skill remains undimmed.

Elvis Costello, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

It is not the only lost art of which Costello is a careful curator, and the continuing expansion of his own skill-set included some beautiful piano playing for songs that included Joni Mitchell's A Case Of You and a glorious slow gospel version of Sam & Dave's I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down.

"Affable Old Gent"

The legendary singer heaves his huge songbook on stage for a night of retrospective brilliance

Elvis Costello at the Sage Gateshead

It is a reminder that Elvis Costello, contrarian or not, is generally wonderful. Next time you see him he will be entirely different, but I wouldn’t bet against him being wonderful again.

The mercurial singer-songwriter brings his eclectic, five-star 'Detour' show to Gateshead.

Still one of England’s best musicians, Costello appears to be only getting better with age. No longer the angry young man of the 1970s, he has settled into the role of a Leonard Cohen-esque elder statesman of rock and roll. Settled, sure, but his live performances, much like his voice, have lost none of their power.

"Live From Bosworth Field"

"A cursory look at Setlist.fm, will testify, no two shows on the 21-date Detour are the same, allowing the 60-year-old Costello to detour in any direction with 400 songs in his canon"

"A Good War For The Roses"

"it’s a measure of Elvis Costello’s greatness that the series of rousing standing ovations he receives at the end of this remarkable show is entirely deserved."

Elvis Costello Solo In Concert: 21 UK Solo Dates on 'Detour' Tour

Following the success of his solo shows last year, Elvis Costello announces a 21-date UK tour called ‘Detour’ in the early summer of 2015.

Elvis Costello, Brighton Dome

Costello used to sneer with righteous rage. Now he is a profound showbiz veteran, from a country which should embrace him again.

Elvis Costello, Symphony Hall

The crowd loved it; singing, cheering and whistling along to every tune, and giving standing ovations after almost every other performance. There's certainly no doubt he deserved it.

Elvis Costello, Brand New Zeros @Symphony Hall, Birmingham 31/5/15

Playing acoustically must be one of the hardest things a musician can do. Laid bare, it sees you out on a limb and having to rely on yourself to pull things off. You need to be a special person to do it at all. To do it this well, you need to have some of the best songs of their type ever written and a career that many would kill for. Tonight, you needed to be Elvis Costello.

Elvis Costello at Paramount Theatre 4/26/15

"It is rare to see an artist so completely captivate a crowd without any accompaniment. But Costello pulled it off in spades."

Elvis Costello delivers fabulous tour closer at the Paramount

Elvis Costello closed his ‘Detour’ solo tour Sunday at the Paramount Theatre with a fabulous night of music that included a rare film clip of his father, Ross McManus, writes rock critic Charles R. Cross.

Elvis Costello brought the Indoor Fireworks to Broward Center

On the final night of his Detour tour, this set was anything but short. Closing in on thirty songs, with three encores, Costello belied his sixty years by performing for over two and a half hours.

Elvis Costello w/ Larkin Poe at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

Last night, I really came to understand what total mastery of the artform is when I saw Elvis Costello play, mostly by himself, for approximately two and a half hours at Ft. Lauderdale’s Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Elvis Costello: His Aim Is Still True

A rare series of one-man appearances is what his "Detour" tour is comprised of; nothing but a full night of the witty, multitalented entertainer delivering the goods all by himself.

Elvis Costello owns the room with compelling solo show at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater

Costello’s stage resembled a mini-Pee-wee’s Playhouse seemingly designed to indulge his every musical whim – at least a half-dozen guitars, megaphones, microphones, effects pedals and a piano, all flanking a giant old-school tube TV called the Lupe-O-Tone.

Even on a 'Detour,' Elvis Costello's aim still true

Elvis Costello stops in Orlando next week on his Detour Tour, an aptly named production for the man whose career of nearly 40 years has been filled with musical tangents.

Oh, Mama! Elvis Costello brings personal touch to Mobile show

Word on Elvis Costello's solo tour is that he tends to roam freely through his extensive catalog, mixing hits and obscurities to come up with something fresh every night. And that's what he did, Friday night at the Mobile Saenger Theatre - but that wasn't the half of it.

Elvis Costello strips down his hits and lets his lyrics shine in New Orleans concert

Costello's New Orleans show served as a reminder that he is one of the few punk-era songwriters whose catalog could conceivably fuel sing-alongs around the campfire.

Elvis Costello digs deep into his catalog for sold-out solo show

Seeing the man and his music alone — well, OK, with a little help from his friends — was a terrific treat.

Elvis Costello Delivered a Career-Spanning, Intimate Performance at the Pageant

Armed with a few acoustic guitars and as stacked a songbook as any living songwriter, Costello charmed, crooned and rattled the rafters.

Elvis Costello delivered an intimate, lengthy set at the Uptown last night

Over the course of 31 songs – a setlist of both radio hits and deep cuts – the prolific artist gave fans a show that was truly unforgettable.

Elvis Costello at Cain's Ballroom

When Elvis Costello takes a stage, his energy, passion and distinct voice snap the room's attention. When he takes the stage solo, it's a mesmerizing two hours of music spanning his long and storied career.

Elvis Costello delivers a transcendent solo show to a packed Uptown Theater

To carry a room as big as the Uptown, a good one-person show requires an entertainer with either a large, vibrant personality or a deep reservoir of memorable music. Costello brought both.

Elvis Costello - March 1st - Boulder Theater

He has an enviable zen quality to his performance, alternating between a gentle strum by thumb to striking a pose for emphasis as needed, with an occasional tip of the hat to acknowledge the crowd.

Elvis Costello lets talent shine during Lincoln concert

With only several instruments scattered about the stage as well as his voice and his songs, Elvis Costello delivered a career-spanning, breathtaking set that did away with a big band, elaborate staging or anything fancy and simply let his talent shine.

Elvis Costello captivates in brilliant Rococo show

For two hours Tuesday night, Elvis Costello captivated more than 1,000 people in the sold-out Rococo Theatre with a brilliantly staged, played and sung 29-song performance

Elvis Costello at the Boulder Theater

The theme of the show swirled around nostalgia and pride as he trotted out favorites from his long solo career and several covers, homages and hits from his many collaborations.

Larkin Poe ready to 'wing it 'with Costello

The marquee outside the Rococo Theatre has for months advertised Elvis Costello's sold-out show as a solo event, and its aim is pretty true. But concertgoers can expect a visit to the stage from sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell during Costello's set.

Thirteen New Elvis Costello Solo North American Dates Begin March 1st 2015

Elvis Costello has announced thirteen new "Solo" North American tour dates, dubbed "Detour" which will travel through the Mid-West and Southern U.S., after commencing on March 1st in Boulder, Colorado and concludes in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on March 18th. Tickets On Sale Now!

MTT Leads The San Francisco Symphony In Performances Of Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale, With Elvis Costello As Narrator & Actor Malcolm McDowell As The Devil, January 16-18.

Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT) leads the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) in performances of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat (The
Soldier’s Tale) with Elvis Costello as narrator and actor Malcolm
McDowell as the devil, January 16-18, 2015 at Davies Symphony Hall.

Elvis Costello's latest adventure: Satanic role with San Francisco Symphony

It's something new, even for Costello, the rocker whose collaborations are as numerous as they are unpredictable. His latest engagement -- narrating composer Igor Stravinsky's "L'Histoire du soldat" ("The Soldier's Tale"), about a Faustian bargain -- will pair him with conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, members of the San Francisco Symphony and the distinguished British actor Malcolm McDowell.

Michael Tilson Thomas conducts The Soldier's Tale

Michael Tilson Thomas will conduct "The Soldier's Tale" with the San Francisco Symphony in January 2015 at the Davies Symphony Hall.

Dylan songs come alive in Hollywood with New Basement Tapes group

How do you bring together five musicians, each with significant catalogs of their own, and put them on the same stage without a hint of raging ego or argument over who gets the spotlight?

Easy. Just throw them some vintage, unreleased Bob Dylan songs to belatedly bring to the world.

The New Basement Tapes Put On Stunning One-Off Show Featuring Haim, Johnny Depp and More

There are those moments you wish you could freeze time and snatch up every person you love in the world, transporting them to your location. Halting the cosmos just long enough that all those wonderful people that make your life feel special could dance with you in a circle celebrating vitality and kinship. The Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles just had one of those moments, featuring what may likely be the only performance ever from a supergroup of epic proportions, the affectionately named The New Basement Tapes.

"Elvis Costello: Master, Necromancer & Geezer"

“Costello can easily entertain a room for two and a half hours with no instruments other than voice, guitar, piano, lights and a handful of anecdotes”

Elvis Costello, Royal Albert Hall

As the evening drew to a close we were rewarded with a spine-tingling “Shipbuilding”, and Costello even sang a number unmic’d after the sound system was turned off for the night.

Elvis Costello: The Great Artist as a solo entertainer

He has played with the greats of popular music, to Basel he came without accompaniment. Elvis Costello enthralls his audience with unbeatable troubadour songs and whipped hard guitar.

Through My Ears Only: Fame & Costello at the Royal Albert Hall

When Elvis Costello, who was playing the second half, came on towards the end of the set to take the vocals on ‘Point of No Return’, it seemed the only way was up.

Love, lies, dreams and fraud

In Costello each song can sound like the end of the world. Or like a new beginning.

... And then sat behind Elvis - Palace Of Arts, Budapest

So the start of the concert has been particularly strong, it was a real joy to music, which only further intensified.

Elvis Costello: songs about love, lies and deceit

A house music evening with the pop chameleon Elvis Costello solo at the Burgtheater.

Elvis Costello: an evening with the master!

Elvis Costello - you do not have much more to say about this exceptional musician. Born in London in 1954 Costello announced Sunday evening the very special guest of the great 30-year-Posthof birthday party.

A Life in 400 songs: Elvis Costello enchanted Vienna

Vienna is glad that he had other plans this Saturday night - and will thank him in the extravagant addition block with multiple standing ovations.

Elvis Costello 22/10 Carre, Amsterdam

It can be said with certainty that Elvis Costello is a real entertainer and a strong one-man show knows how to take sometimes is full of surprises.

Elvis Costello, Usher Hall: A commanding show

A solo Costello’s only onstage affectation was a glowing ‘On Air’ sign, its intimation of a radio session in progress and the modest arrangement of guitars and a piano around the singer reaching for an up-close-and-personal atmosphere.

Elvis Costello in Royal Circus: Climbing to a climax

All was also still just drowned out by a standing ovation. After a career of nearly forty years Costello remains a master of his craft, and he still does not avoid the risks.

Elvis Costello, Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Amidst the two-and-a-half hours played, his family roots, his punk days (Watching the Detectives, Shipbuilding, Oliver’s Army and more were all present) and his current status as a transatlantic conduit to the Great American Songbook were all explored, the latter through April 5th (written with “my friends Roseanne Cash and Kris Kristofferson”) and a sublime contribution from Dylan’s New Basement Tapes, Lost On the River.

A Solo Costello Is Still Having Fun

Even when armed with a new song (The Last Year of My Youth), Costello keeps us enthralled, such is the power of this bloke's presence and presentation.

Solo Elvis Costello shows that his aim is still true

Here Costello can both wallow in his great entertainer persona, while allowing the songs, as Eric Cantona might have put it "to live and to breathe".

With feeling: Elvis Costello at the Theaterhaus

Rock and roll with a difference, really great hullabaloo. And entertaining.

Elvis Costello - Dublin

Tonight Declan McManus takes his solo show “home” and song after song reinforces the oft held – and justified – notions of legend status he acquired over his 35 year career.

Elvis Costello Fantastic in Stuttgart moments of happiness

Stuttgart - Elvis Costello does not proceed, he does not wander, he bustles literally on the stage.

Circus Krone, Munich, Great moment of pop

Party mood at Circus Krone. Standing ovation. Flowers for Costello and the Lovells. A thank you for a memorable evening.

Elvis Costello in Concert : The Necromancer

Instead, a tour de force across the career of the 60 -year-old Declan Patrick MacManus. He is alone on the stage. The tea on the box evaporated, the five Gibson Collectibles shine in the spotlight.

Elvis Costello Solo across Europe this Autumn

Elvis Costello will be performing Solo across Europe this Autumn
including Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin, Belfast, London and many more.

Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit, knighted by Elvis

He was once the horn-rimmed glasses nerd with punk attitude. But actually Elvis Costello plays fantastic powerpop. Equally captivating was now his appearance in Hamburg.

Uppsala, Sweden: So good was Elvis Costello concert

Right from the start, Costello goes full swing. He has a power and presence in both singing and guitar playing that is captivating.

Six guitars, horn-rimmed glasses and hat

On Wednesday night, he was back in Bergen - this time completely alone sold out house at mation scene with just guitar. Or six copies to be exact .

"He has got lots of Grammys , so we'll give it a try"

When their regular conductor can not be on today's broadcast of "Tonight with Ylvis Live " , the Bergen Brothers duo sets off to the borders for a replacement .

"Peace, Love, and Twang 2"

8th Annual Richard de Lone Special Housing Project Benefit
Bimbo’s, Sunday, October 5. Featuring Jim Lauderdale, Bill Kirchen, Dan Hicks, Carlene Carter, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Caroline de Lone, Kindred Maxwell and de Lone, and Special Guests

Costello intensity impresses

But Elvis Costello is a master who knows never to paint himself into a corner . Full track as he has both its own expression and their increasingly detailed musical map . Few others have such a breadth of musical acts , yet with a consistent voice .

Elvis Costello Malmo Konserthus

The melodies are consistently strong and demonstrates time and again Costello's ingenuity, but equally important is how he builds his songs harmoniously and how he is looking to create its variation in the actual composition.

Elvis Costello Sideman Steve Nieve: Rock's Greatest Keyboardist?

There’s a case to be made for Steve Nieve as rock 'n' roll’s greatest keyboardist, at least as an accompanist. Ebony and ivory have lived together not just in perfect harmony but frenzied excitement as Nieve has been the dominant instrumental force in Elvis Costello’s Attractions and, subsequently, Imposters.

Elvis Costello Vaerket, Randers

Costello showed that if you just have a sufficiently talented and versatile singer, guitarist and songwriter, one can easily entertain a room for two and a half hours with no instruments other than voice, guitar, piano, lights and a handful of anecdotes.

ABBA Frida , Desmond Tutu & Elvis Costello in Skavlan

The program is visited by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho, artist Elvis Costello and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Watch It now...

Steve Nieve Plays Elvis Costello

Nieve's conversational pitch and virtuosic technique drew laughs, gasps and a standing ovation from the tiny audience.

Elvis Costello and The Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl

“Watching the Detectives” was returned to its source material, with a lush and edgy film noir tone."

Elvis Costello and Ben Folds go orchestral at the Bowl

Where some rock or pop musicians might use an orchestra as more or less a bigger version of their usual backing band, Costello’s arrangements, which conductor Scott Dunn had praised him for in his introduction, tended to retool the songs more completely.

Elvis Costello, Ben Folds harness the L.A. Phil at the Hollywood Bowl

Unlike lesser "pop artist with strings" Bowl gigs that tend to drape simple songs with unsubstantial, one-size-fits-all backing, each measure during Costello's set was its own tiny epiphany. The so-called Impostor is also an Arranger.

Elvis Costello looks at the orchestral possibilities in Bowl shows

Don't think that just because Elvis Costello is joining the Los Angeles Philharmonic for two shows at the Hollywood Bowl this week that the former Angry Young Man of the British new wave movement has gone soft now that he's turned 60.

Bumbershoot Saturday: King of Mystery Elvis Costello Reigns

Red feather in an electric blue fedora, bright magenta blazer: Details of style are not lost on Elvis Costello, who headlined Bumbershoot’s main stage just a few minutes early of his 6:15 p.m. set time on Saturday.

Elvis Costello anything but ordinary

“You can get on your high horse imagining that you’re influencing events by standing on stage and singing songs. But if you don’t sing what you feel, then what are you doing? Are you just providing a mild distraction while we tumble along toward the rotating knives?”

Elvis Costello: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester; Kew Gardens, London - Live Review

Over two very different shows Elvis Costello pushed his ambitious boundaries even further, Steve Swift was witness to an artist who refuses to stand still.

More Crowd Chaos As "Tray of Pimms Upset" at Costello Kew Gardens Gig

After just one song the show was stopped by security after a fish slice in the VIP area was misplaced. Costello pleaded with the audience to “calm down a bit” as fans were dragged over security barriers to avoid spoiling their clothes against a tray of spilled Pimms.

Elvis Costello, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

One of a string of rare solo appearances, this was an unpretentious, stripped-down affair. Without visual gimmicks or keyboard-toting wingmen to back him up, Costello drew upon his astonishing catalogue of classics. The results were electrifying.

Elvis Costello - pleasing blend of era-defining hits

"it's the brotherly love onstage and affection from the charmed audience that illuminates Kew Gardens."

Elvis Costello @ Bridgewater Hall

He is truly incomparable and as the “On Air” light fades after two and a half hours and a standing ovation it feels as though it’s been a rare experience.

Elvis Costello's Solo Tour Delivers Many Happy Surprises

"delivering two and a half hours of album cuts and classic favorites concocted in such a way that each night is distinctly and delightfully different."

Elvis Costello summons up drama at the Brangwyn Hall

Elvis Costello's visit to Swansea's Brangwyn Hall last night showed us a performer whose mastery of light and shade, of the art of surprise, and of the vast palette of musical delights available to one so gifted, was second to none.

Sibling Summit

Elvis Costello will be performing solo at this years Kew The Music outdoor festival in London's Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew with support acts MacManus Brothers and Larkin Poe.

Rocking it North of the Border at Montreal Jazz Festival

"He performed solo, his output a range of materials from four decades in the business, including the recent “The Last Year of My Youth,” which he proclaimed a work still in progress"

Diana Krall and Elvis Costello thrill at the Montreal International Jazz Festival

For the encore, husband Elvis Costello joined Krall onstage. He had a sold-out performance of his own earlier in the evening in the nearby Symphony Hall.

Elvis Costello at the Maison Symphonique de Montreal; June 29, 2014

This was a stripped-down celebration of one of rock’s most rewarding catalogues and an artist of almost limitless scope.

Elvis Costello's aim is true at Grand

Rock 'n' roll may not have been invented in Delaware, but for one night Costello made it the only place for a rock fan to be.

Set List: Elvis Costello Makes His Debut at Carnegie Hall

On Tuesday night, he pulled some of those deep, deep tracks out of that memory in his first ever show at New York's Carnegie Hall. Playing alone on stage with either his guitar or a piano, Costello entertained the crowd with 29 of his classic songs.

"Keep The Idiot Part Of Yourself Alive"

It’s not that you become more accomplished. It’s that you have to remember not to go too close to the model — to still keep the idiot part of yourself alive,”

Elvis Costello Carnegie Hall

A truly masterful showman. Binging it all down to a whisper from a scream. An intimate, raucous and inspiring evening.

Elvis Costello's Aim Remains True

The venerable singer-songwriter delves into his deep catalog in this career-spanning solo show.

Elvis Costello Treats Carnegie Hall to a Solo Show

Costello offered something else: a continuing, challenging, intimate engagement with his songs, old and new.

Elvis Costello w/Larkin Poe at the Ryman, 6/21/14

"Costello's 29-song stand amounted to a one-man Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, drawing upon material as far back as pre-dating 1977's My Aim Is True and as freshly composed as last week"

No Attractions or Imposters: Just Elvis

Costello sat at the organ offering pure entertainment with a side of simple brilliance.

Elvis Costello sings of 'love and deceit' in Atlanta

It was a night that served as a reminder of Costello's versatility -- playing solo or with others, on his own songs or on covers, he's one of the few artists for whom it doesn't seem like a ridiculous idea to give a standing ovation after every song.

Elvis Costello solo show sparkles at Louisville Palace

Elvis Costello’s solo tours in recent years have been constructed around themes that change from night to night, depending on the singer’s mood.

Elvis Costello Digs Deep into his Catalog for Palace Theatre Concert

Flanked by a veritable arsenal of guitars, Costello regularly shifted from one six-string to the next, often using his effects pedals to sample his playing

Why Elvis Costello at Massey Hall was simply brilliant

"His songs, stripped bare, were elemental and undeniable."

Elvis Costello wows Massey Hall crowd with marathon solo show

"his dramatic and passionate vocal delivery that included whistling, expert acoustic and electric guitar playing and animated storytelling"

Elvis Costello, Copernicus Center: A pairing that highlighted the stories in the songs

An evening with Elvis Costello playing 32 songs spanning four decades over two hours and 30 minutes: That probably describes a dream scenario for anyone who’s followed him over the years, but it happened.

Elvis Costello's 'SOLO' tour a master class in writing

Elvis Costello has been doing brief regional tours of the United States for the past few years, and these "SOLO" tours, as he calls them, have given him opportunity to dig deep into one of modern music's deepest and most intensely satisfying catalogs.

Elvis Costello at Copernicus Center

Costello displayed his unwavering commitment to excavating the memories, meanings and mysteries held in song

Elvis Costello at O'Shaughnessy Auditorium

"Without any Attractions, Imposters, or special guests, this was the first performance on a new solo tour for the 59-year-old dabbler in nearly everything considered rock 'n' roll since the expression was invented."

In Elvis land, Costello reigns as King

Costello’s concert showcased the depth and breadth of his work and his influences — from the first song he wrote (“I was a profound 17-year-old”) to one he wrote last week before going on “Late Night with David Letterman”

Elvis Costello - Solo North American Dates Begin June 9th

Elvis Costello solo tour dates in the mid-west and mid-south U.S. beginning June 9th, the first time since 1999 (when touring with keyboardist Steve Nieve) that he's headlined the area with such a stripped down setup.

"That's What We Do"

"I have the freedom in the solo show to tell the story anyway I want," Costello said. He might group together songs dealing with exile and travel and the performing life — a way-of-life experience he shares with his grandfather and father.

Elvis Costello Makes Carnegie Hall Debut June 24th & 25th

Elvis Costello will make his Carnegie Hall debut as a headliner with two solo shows dubbed "The Last Year Of My Youth” on Tuesday, June 24th and Wednesday, June 25th.

Elvis Costello won't play a fixed set list

When asked about any pre-show rituals, the singer cracked, “Other than the slaughtering of the goats, no.”

Elvis Costello & the Imposters; Civic Hall, Auckland

Costello played some furiously flailing guitar to the point that it might not have been surprising if he'd dropped in something by Hendrix.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Civic Theatre April 27, 2014

A fantastic display of songwriting and musicianship, and more impressive, a fresh, enthusiastic, and at times, quite emotional performance.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Civic

Elvis Costello and the Imposters may have played at the Civic just over a year ago but any possibility of deja vu soon evaporated a few songs in.

"D'un garage a Paris"

The atmosphere in the photographer's pit of the Mojo stage at Byron Bay Bluesfest is like the beginning of the Melbourne Cup.

Elvis Costello, The Roots bring Brooklyn Bowl to a boil

On Sunday, Elvis Costello and The Roots took the stage together for the second performance of a two-night engagement at the Brooklyn Bowl, a new venue with an old look via exposed duct work and brick walls.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Add Melbourne Show

Elvis Costello has added a Melbourne show at Hamer Hall on Thursday 17th April following a public outcry that a headline performance for the city was left off his upcoming Australian tour schedule.

Will Elvis Costello Bring Any 'Ghosts' to Caesars?

Elvis Costello brings ‘Ghosts’ and more from his unique catalogue to Atlantic City March 8.

Adelaide Date Cancelled

It is with regret that Chugg Entertainment today confirms that Elvis Costello & The Imposters' Adelaide date at the Thebarton Theatre on the Thursday 17th April, will no longer be going ahead. Less than anticipated ticket sales have unfortunately made it impossible to proceed.

Brooklyn Bowl's first strike: Elvis Costello & The Roots

Elvis Costello & The Roots will be the first act to play the rapidly developing Linq entertainment district.

"So, Farewell For Now Spectacular Spinning Songbook"

Elvis Costello and The Imposters at EX Theatre Roppong December 12th, 2013. "His experience, showmanship and love for performing really shines through in his live show."

Rant 'N' Roll: Elvis Costello Doesn't Need A Band

"Armed with two acoustic guitars, two electric guitars, a piano and a microphone, Costello put on an epic two-hour solo performance."

Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise Up: Thought

Elvis Costello and The Roots have announced the release of Wise Up:
Thought – Remixes and Reworks.

Elvis Costello in Morristown: Who needs a band?

"His phrasing and chord changes don’t sound like anyone else. In a world of imitators, Elvis Costello is unique."

Elvis Costello's Aim Is True In Marathon Kirby Concert

The tireless troubadour finished up with “(What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding,” stomping, gesturing and strumming his electric guitar.  Again, the guitar fed back on its rack as he walked off the stage, bringing one of the better shows you will see in your lifetime to close.

Costello's vast songbook appeals to W-B audience

"He then concluded the stellar show with “What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding” on electric guitar, proving you don’t need a backing band to rock out."

Elvis Costello Plays Obscure Nuggets And Prime Cuts in Pennsylvania

Elvis Costello at the F.M. Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA, November 25, 2013


Elvis Costello has war, peace on his mind at solo Lisner Auditorium show

Elvis Costello enchants audience at F.M. Kirby Center

"Give Elvis Costello a guitar, and he'll weave a spell destined to keep the audience captivated."

Elvis Costello digs deep, delivers stellar solo performance in Easton

"He is a chameleon of musical talent, whose weekend stop in Easton proved just he doesn't have to play by the book to get appreciation and respect from his fans."

"Meet The New Wave, Same As The Old Wave"

"In a dark suit and fedora, wearing his trademark glasses, Costello played a 29-song, two-hour-and-15-minute show that spanned his 35-year career."

Elvis Costello at Jorgensen Center in Storrs

" It was a satisfying, wide-ranging show, full of interesting twists and turns."

Legend Elvis Costello floors crowd at Jorgensen with classic setlist

"In between his riveting performances, Costello regaled the audience with tales of his tours past."

All by his lonesome

"Since he’ll perform solo at the Lisner on Friday, we’ve rounded up some of Costello’s songs about — what else? — loneliness."

Elvis Costello Triumphs Over Himself at UPAC

"there are few if any as talented and as highly respected for both their art and craft by both fans and fellow musicians."

Elvis Costello Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Nov 6.

"It’s a testament to his abilities as a performer, as well as to the gorgeous venue, that the first (the aforementioned “Dirty Rotten Shame”) was sung off-mic."

Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance

Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance, the first-ever documentary portrait of one of the greatest musicians and songwriters of our time. Mark Kidel’s film is currently playing on BBC's iPlayer until Sunday 17th November 2013.

Elvis Costello to play UPAC in Kingston

"when Costello hits the Ulster Performing Arts Center in Kingston on Thursday, November 14, he’ll have only a guitar in hand (or perhaps a ukulele)"

Elvis Costello at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, 11/6/13

"marvelous, two-hour solo concert, an intimate offering that was a perfect fit for the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall."

Elvis Costello Hits The Shubert's Sweet Spot

"The result was a delicious and revelatory evening of song-smithing and showmanship, particularly so on the historic stage that has seen world premieres of many of the shows that Costello has mined"

Elvis Costello At the State

"Elvis Costello shared something special with us Thursday, something complete. But he, like every true genius, left the stage a puzzle unsolved."

Elvis Costello @ Merriam Theater 11/10

"Yet another standing ovation sent Costello and the crowd off into the November chill, their love affair still intact."

Fall Of Troy

Throughout his superb solo set at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Wednesday night, Elvis Costello constantly reminded the audience that this was his “gospel show.”

Elvis Costello goes it alone (and gets personal) in Englewood

"Monday’s show did not star Costello the Angry Man, or Costello the punk, or the genial TV host of "Spectacle." It was, instead, introspective, illuminating and, in many places, touching."

The Brodsky Quartet: Elvis Costello's 'Il Sogno' and other gems

We sincerely hope that in these three evenings of music we show what an amazing force the string quartet can be. Old, new, serious, humorous, enormously colourful and endlessly adaptable.' - Brodsky Quartet

Big crowds for Elvis Costello, Radio Bean's birthday

"For the second encore he brought out his electric guitar for a raucous version of “I Want You,” with the fuzzed-out tone fitting perfectly with the lyrical themes of rage and jealousy."

"It's All About Peace"

"Costello enthralled the standing-room only crowd at the Calvin Theatre with a two-hour (including encores) set that visited numerous facets of the singer-songwriter's storied career, including many tunes not often performed live."

Rolling Stone - 27th Annual Bridge School Benefit Review

"Elvis Costello is a Bridge School Benefit veteran, and his seven-song set was an early highlight."

That's "Dr Costello" To You

Elvis Costello talks at New England Conservatory

27th Annual Bridge School Benefit Announcement

Live Nation is proud to announce the lineup and ticket information for the 27th annual Bridge School Benefit Concerts at Shoreline Amphitheatre. This year's concerts will take place on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA.

"For Playing The Electric Violin"

Krall is an artist who loves what she's doing, puts her heart and soul into it, and really seems to care about those who come to see her.

Elvis Costello and the Roots pump it up

The dream date between UK punk standard-bearer and Philly’s polymath funk-and-beyond band heats up onstage in Brooklyn

A Cross Between "Alfred Hitchcock and Jimi Hendrix"

"Good morning," Questlove of the Roots announced with a grin just after 10 p.m. last night, taking the throne behind a white Ludwig drum kit. "Welcome to what we call the manifestation of a dream."

"A Cello Played With A Fish"

"the highlight of his set came when Swedish cellist Svante Henryson stepped on for a nuanced rendering of “Shipbuilding”

Elvis Costello, Lisa Marie Presley & More to Perform at Bergen PAC this Fall

Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood New Jersey announces some great new shows that you won't want to miss! Get ready for Elvis Costello, Monday, November 4, 2013 at 8 PM, Lisa Marie Presley, Thursday, October 10

"Tack sa mycket, Svante!"

Har det vært noen bedre rockekonserter i Bodø noen gang? Neppe!

Has there been a better rock concert in Bodø ever? Hardly!

Elvis Costello leverte en bunnsolid konsert i Bodo¸ Spektrum fredag kveld

Costello selv spilte gitar, og hadde festivalprofil Svante Henryson med som gjest på tre av låtene i settet, deriblant velkjente "Shipbuilding".
Costello himself played guitar and had festival profile Svante Henryson as a guest on three of the songs in the set, including the famous "Shipbuilding".

Elvis Costello and The Imposters leave the Wheel behind for summer shows and play a host of European dates

Elvis Costello and The Imposters will drop the wheel off in Canterbury
and head back out on the road in July and August for a run of European shows.

Elvis Costello sucht in Dusseldorf die Nahe des Publikums

Und dann kommt Elvis Costello, ein vielfach ausgezeichneter Musiker mit einer gehörigen Portion Weltruhm. Passt nicht? Passt wunderbar.


"At the exact second he starts to caterwaul its enervating coda, all feels irredeemably lost and you’re left yearning for the implausible return of his deceased namesake."

Cambio de sala del concierto de Elvis Costello en Barcelona

El concierto de Elvis Costello and The Imposters del próximo 26 de julio pasa a celebrarse en la Sala Razzmatazz

Elton John Cancels Hyde Park Due To IIlness But The Show Goes On!

AEG Live and The Royal Parks confirm Friday 12th July in Hyde Park to be Free! -
Existing ticket holders to get full refund -

Elton John, Ray Davies, Elvis Costello & More Announced For British Summer Time Concert At Hyde Park

The multi-million selling, incomparable Elton John is to lead star-studded line-up celebrating the best of British songwriting at the final Friday of Barclaycard's British Summer Time concerts at London's Hyde Park.

Elvis Costello at Glastonbury - The Guardian review

"rattling through a fantastic opening flurry including the Blood & Chocolate highlight I Hope You're Happy Now, I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down and the louche ragga noir of Watching the Detectives"

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Perform at Glastonbury Festival 2013

Elvis Costello & The Imposters will perform at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival on Saturday 29th June on The Pyramid Stage.

Napoleon's Farewell

So, as we bid a fond farewell for now to the Spectacular Spinning Songbook, we would like to send our thanks to all in attendance as we trampled in the footsteps of Arthur Askey, the Tiller Girls and Mr. Pastry around the lovely vaudeville houses and haunted concrete boxes of the land.

Elvis Costello for Derry

Elvis Costello makes his Derry debut this week, when he plays The Venue on Thursday (June 27). It's another highlight in their City Of Culture 2013 celebrations.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Blackpool Opera House, 13 June 2013 and Manchester Apollo, 14 June 2013

The Spinning Songbook tour is evidence that one of Britain's finest songwriters and performers is on top of his game.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters, The Revolver Tour, York Barbican

Has Costello ever been in better voice, especially on Shipbuilding? And what dignity he brought to Tramp The Dirt Down, not glorying in the dementia death of bete noir Margaret Thatcher but vehement in saying the song’s political sentiments still stood.

Edinburgh Gig review: Elvis Costello and the Imposters

"Tramping Down the Dirt finishes the set, followed by a generous encore including Oliver’s Army, and ending up with Love, Peace and Understanding, the sentiment and the sound rousing the Festival Theatre to its feet in a well-deserved ovation."

Elvis Costello and The Imposters, Edinburgh

There were pockets of haunting intimacy threaded through the general mischief and two – count ’em – whistling solos. Now, that’s entertainment.

Jimmie, standing in the rain: Manchester Apollo June 14th

Here he is again, our beloved entertainer imagining his future from Accrington station back in 1937 though tonight he's years from being a forgotten man in an indifferent nation.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters: Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

"there is also something tangible hanging in the air capable of turning good nights into great ones. Perhaps it's just a solid bond between performer and punter... whatever it is, it existed in the Philharmonic Hall on Hope Street last night."

Mumford & Sons, Elvis Costello Cover 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' for Agit8

For their intimate cover, Costello and Mumford & Sons added a bit of Woody Guthrie's "Do Re Mi" to Springsteen's original.

It's always a good year when Elvis comes to town

"not to mention the frenetic I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea and Watching the Detectives, with its sinister, accusatory guitar riff."

Elvis Costello & The Imposters at The Royal Albert Hall

Elvis Costello returns to the Royal Albert Hall with his Spectacular Spinning Songbook revue, a concept he first toured with in the late 80s, and which shows no signs of dating with three sold-out nights at the venue offering proof of his enduring popularity.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Royal Albert Hall, Review - The Telegraph

The celebrated singer-songwriter delivered an angry, emotional, wild and wayward 28-song set that was more than any fan could reasonably ask for, says Neil McCormick.

Elvis Costello Royal Albert Hall, Review - The Guardian

Watching the Detectives becomes a dub labyrinth; Radio, Radio is as nervy as the day it was written. "The clock says we have to go," he says, then carries on anyway, still happily thumbing his nose at authority.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters, St David's Hall, Cardiff

In a day where the word legend is so freely used in the music industry to describe some quite mediocre talents, only in a handful of cases does the description fit and Costello is certainly one of them.

Elvis Costello at the Colston Hall ... 9/10

Costello's two-and-a-half-hour, 25-song-plus performance in front of a packed and lively house did not disappoint.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters, St David's Hall

His latest tour sees him mining the rich vein of his varied writing and recording career in a show that brings him closer to his audience than ever before.

Elvis Costello And The Imposters@Symphony Hall, Birmingham 31/5/13

Only an artist with a fine and extensive back catalogue could pull a show like this off. And only one with supreme confidence in their songs would try it.

The Spectacular Return of 'The Spectacular Spinning Songbook'

Third Royal Albert Hall date added June 6th
Also Plays Milton Keynes Theatre June 9th
Elvis Costello and The Imposters play 18 UK shows

Jazz Rocks Harlem's Apollo

The 1958 Art Kane photo "A Great Day in Harlem" featured 57 jazz musicians posed on the steps and sidewalk in front of a Harlem brownstone. It is arguably the most famous jazz photo ever taken.

Elvis Costello, Irma Thomas, Cyril Neville, Deacon John sang Allen Toussaint's praises and songs

Early in Tuesday night's (April 30) star-studded 75th birthday tribute to Allen Toussaint at the Harrah's Theater in New Orleans, the honoree was called on stage to accept a pair of long-overdue Grammy nominee medallions.

Stars turn out to pay tribute to Allen Toussaint and raise money for NOAAHH

Allen Toussaint celebrated his 75th birthday surrounded by an audience of fans and a stage full of singing stars on Tuesday night at Harrah’s New Orleans Theatre.

La Santa Cecilia Teams With Elvis Costello on 'Losing Game'

Los Angeles quartet La Santa Cecilia this week release their major label debut Treinta Días, a record that finds the former buskers teaming up with none other than Elvis Costello.

"Pop Life"

Elvis Costello busted out the never-released 1999-era track “Moonbeam Levels,”

Elvis Costello and The Who

"To put a punctuation mark on their set, Costello and the Imposters concluded by playing a version of the Who’s classic song “Substitute.”"

The Spectacular Return of 'The Spectacular Spinning Songbook'

Elvis Costello and The Imposters do it all again in 2013
Following the success of his 2012 ‘Revolver’ UK tour, Elvis Costello
has decided to revolve again this year, wheeling his gigantic
vaudevillian contraption up and down the country for 16 highly
anticipated shows.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters: Palais Theatre

Over two hours, the dazzling vaudeville approach,the random set-list device and Kelly the shagadelic go-go dancer had comprised an ingenuously fresh and often hilarious inroad to Costello's vast catalogue.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - 2013 Australasian Tour

Australasia continues its lengthy love affair with Elvis Costello when the acclaimed singer-songwriter returns in January 2013.

Stephen Colbert's Most Meaningful Musical Moments

Stephen Colbert loves music and loves to sing. That's why Fresh Air's Terry Gross asked him to bring a few songs that mean a lot to him and tell her why.

When you least expect it, fate stumbles in...

IN 2012, major rock 'n' roll tours are big business with every element organised in fine detail. That's not just behind the scenes.
With some bands it also includes the set lists, which might only vary slightly as the tour makes it way around the globe. And Elvis Costello is having none of that.

Elvis Costello Was The Most Exciting Show At Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

The main Friday evening kick-off concert at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park belonged to Elvis Costello this year.

"In The Kingdom Of Orange"

"He picked up the uke and dropped his delivery to a near whisper on a straight-from-the-heart, old-school love song that seemed targeted to her: “I Know Why (And So Do You)"

Elvis Costello's solo acoustic show breathtaking at the Barclay

"Who else of his caliber but maybe Springsteen would dare such an astonishing move? Like the rest of his performance, only magnified hundredfold, it was spellbinding – and ended much too soon"

"Exceptional Whistling Skills"

Elvis Costello didn’t bask in his thunderous greeting from the audience. He just picked up his guitar and played.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Play Milwaukee (9/15) and Chicago's Riot Fest (9/16)

Elvis Costello & The Imposters have announced two September concerts, one at Milwaukee’s BMO Harris Pavilion on Saturday, September 15th and the second at Chicago’s “Riot Fest” on Sunday, September 16th.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Play For The First Time In Korea And Return To Fuji Rock In Japan

Elvis Costello and the Imposters are to perform at South Korea’s Jisan Valley Rock Festival on Friday 27th July and Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival on Sunday 29th July and are scheduled to perform before Radiohead on each date:

"Equal Parts carnival barker and Ronnie Barker"

Equal parts carnival barker and Ronnie Barker, he brings members of the
crowd up to spin the wheel with the help of glamorous assistant, and
Tess Daly lookalike, Katya from the Ukraine

"Shut Up And Don't Sing"

Quick Costello Doesn't Have The Sense To Finish On Time

"Concert of the year" by Elvis Costello in the CCH

He inherited this soft spot for this form of entertainment from his grandfather and his father, who were both musicians in entertainment orchestras.

"Are You Finally Happy Now"

The Happy Wheel In Top Form With The Only Concert In Germany.

From Circus Costello To Lonesome Elvis

That Elvis Costello has many variations is known, but the two sold-out performances that the glass wearing singer/songwriter has done in the past few days in the Ancienne Belgique and the Royal Circus couldn't be more different.

"A Lady Sawing Us In Half"

The Red Accordion Diaries: Brigid Kaelin: June 1st, 2012

"Le Deux Rois de Belgique"

"He thought he was the King,
Le Roi de Belgique
But it was just another very foolish way to speak
A trick they do with mirror and with chemicals
The words of love once whispered were replaced by cries and shrieks"

"Basingstoke Postponement Announcement"

Regretfully, we have to announce that tonight's Spectacular Spinning Songbook concert by Elvis Costello and the Imposters at the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke has been postponed due to short term vocal fatigue and doctors advice.

"Man Of A Thousand Faces, Band Of A Thousand Voices"

"Looking and sounding like Eric Morecambe’s impish rock-star nephew, Elvis Costello revealed his hitherto untapped talents as a music-hall comedian at the first British date of his Revolver tour."

Elvis Costello, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow and Apollo, Manchester

All the echoes of an earlier era of music hall not only suits Costello's recent material – particularly in a later solo section that ends with a spot of ukulele strumming – but allows him to dip into any era of his career

"Looking and sounding like Eric Morecambe's impish rock-star nephew"

"Looking and sounding like Eric Morecambe’s impish rock-star nephew, Elvis Costello revealed his hitherto untapped talents as a music-hall comedian at the first British date of his Revolver tour."

Elvis Costello, SECC, Glasgow

"Costello’s performance was dark, brooding and movingly intense.

"Costello channelling the sultry ways of Rihanna"

With a flapper girl, go-go dancer, and as much chance as a game of Russian roulette, nauseating circus colours and a real live version of his Spectacular Spinning Songbook both decorated the stage, and decided the fate of Elvis Costello's quick fire set.

Elvis Costello Reinvents The Wheel! 2012 'Revolver' Spring UK Tour

Elvis Costello will bring the ‘Spectacular Spinning Songbook’ to the UK and Ireland in May 2012. Opening on the 9th in Dublin, the tour concludes in Basingstoke on the 27th of May. Limited ticket availability at all venues.

Can you beat the 'Price is Right' wheel?

“If I spun the wheel 100 times, I would expect a normal distribution of speeds with a standard deviation of 0.1 radians per second."

The Revolver Tour - Where Spinning Equals Winning Every Time!

The master showman does it again. A spectacular music event where “on demand” takes on new meaning!

"Muchas Gracias, Marisol, Merci Beaucoup, Vanessa"

E.C. and the Imposters would like to thank Marisol of L.A. band, La Santa Cecilia for lending her wonderful voice to "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" during our return to The Wiltern Theatre with the "Spectacular Spinning Songbook".The show was also lit up by the appearance of our...

"The Spectacular Spinning Songbook - The Results"

Elvis Costello & The ImpostersAmsterdam, The Netherlands June 5th, 2012Overture - featuring the former Mother Superior of Our Lady of Perpetual Torment, Dixie De La FontaineI Hope You're Happy NowHeart Of The CityMystery DanceUncomplicatedRadio RadioThe Spectacular Spinning SongbookShipbuilding -...

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Announce West Coast Dates on Spinning Songbook Tour

Elvis Costello & the Imposters today announce new West Coast dates for the unpredictable, uninhibited Spectacular Spinning Songbook tour in 2012

"Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Honors Bruce Springsteen With A Week Of Musical Tributes

Thursday, March 1st , 2012 – “ Elvis Costello backed by Fallon’s house band the Roots performed “Brilliant Disguise” from Springsteen’s album “Tunnel of Love” . Elvis Costello also perfomed Bruce Springsteens "Fire".

Chuck Berry, Leonard Cohen Get First PEN Songwriting Awards

Keith Richards, Elvis Costello, Paul Simon pay tribute at JFK Library

World Cafe Looks Back: Elvis Costello - Rebroadcast today for one day only.

Monday's session of World Cafe is dedicated to Elvis Costello a London native who's been reinventing what it means to be a rock musician since 1970. Spanning punk, new wave, underground rock and even bluegrass, Costello has more than 30 studio albums to his name, and has collaborated with many of the...

25 things to look forward to in 2012 - The Irish Times

The Irish Times - December 31, 2011
6 Elvis Costello and the Imposters -
O2, Dublin

Ottawa's Top Concerts in 2011

Elvis Costello, Ottawa International Jazz Festival, June 24 2011

Our correspondent's list of best St. Louis concerts of the year

1. Elvis Costello & the Imposters at the Pageant, July 1 2011.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Bring the Spinning Songbook Back to LA

Elvis Costello is proud to announce the return of the “Spectacular

Spinning Songbook” to Los Angeles on the heels of 2 triumphant sold out

shows at LA's famed Wiltern Theatre last spring.

"Let's make things sparkling clear"

We at www.elviscostello.com find ourselves unable to recommend “The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook” as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire.All our attempts to have this number revised have been fruitless so we are taking the following unusual step.If you want...

Steal This Record

A Pastoral Address From The Right Reverend Jimmy Quickly

Elvis Costello & the Imposters Reveal Plans for More Spinning Songbook in 2012

Elvis Costello and the Imposters today announce the first SpectacularSpinning Songbook dates of 2012 with shows in the SoutheastUS this April. Stay tuned for more Spinning Songbook dates coming soon.The tour hit more than 30 cities in 2011, garnering acclaim at everyturn –...

"Elvis Costello In Antwerp: "Sonic Youth reminding noise-version of 'Watching The Detectives""

DeMorgan.be: Bart Steenhaut: 10th November 2011.Halverwege zijn al maanden uitverkochte concert in de Elisabethzaal doetElvis Costello een bekentenis. "Het nummer dat ik nu ga spelen haat ikécht", zegt hij. Wat volgt is een bloedstollende versie van 'Everyday IWrite The Book', een van...

"Like A Broken Bassoon" - Touched For The Very First Time

Berliner Morgenpost: 8th November 2011.It's the ultimate test for a musician, when he introduces himself without a band to his fans. Elvis Costello mastered the challenge of Germany in his only concert bravura. With changing guitars he entertained the more than 3000 listeners in the Tempodrom in Berlin...

Six Guitars And A Hat: Elvis Costello Shines At The Vienna Konzerthaus

"For our German-speaking readers: Rave Notices For Vienna Concert Hall Show"

"The All These Strangers Tour"

"In his generous set – I counted 25 songs and it runs 25 minutes over – the highlights include an exquisite, stripped-down "Good Year for the Roses", sung like it belongs in a David Lynch/Wim Wenders film, a suitably vicious ("though it nearly took a miracle to get...

"Monster Went And Ate My Red 2"

 Elvis Costello sings "Monster Went And Ate My Red 2" with Sesame Street's Elmo and Cookie Monster. Episode "Baby Bear's Doll" which Airs on PBS Kids on Friday 21st October.   

'Sesame Street's' latest victim: Elvis Costello

Los Angeles Times: Todd Martens: 18th October, 2011It's never too early to get the young'uns comfortable with the idea that at some point between the ages of 15 and 20 a significant other will most likely instill in them a lesson in absolutely brutal heartbreak.So when some folks in The Times' office...

"Get Well Hubert"

Best wishes for a speedy recovery go to Hubert Sumlin who recently joined us at the Wellmont Theatre, Montclair for a run of songs that he first performed with Howlin’ Wolf. Hubert’s spirit and humour are undimmed by less robust health and it was a gas for us to share the stage...

The Last Revolution 2011

We cannot close here without tipping our hat to Hubert Sumlin who joined us at the Wellmont Theatre, Montclair for a run of songs that he first performed with Howlin’ Wolf.

The Last Revolution 2011

So, as we say farewell to the Spectacular Spinning Songbook for the year of 2011, we’d like to thank all of those who attended, span, swung the hammer and tripped the light fantastic…I would especially like to thank the Imposters both for their remarkable playing and for being sterling fellows,...

The Romance of Travel

It says much about how far we’ve traveled from those heady days of flying on Pan-Am, Braniff and Allegeny Airlines, that a curling iron or Alexander Graham Bell’s less attached cousin could be mistaken for a “suspicious object” and cause such a fright. The Imposters were on their...

Elvis Costello Rocks the Keith

Huntington News: 10th October, 2011Huntington, WV (HNN) - Arriving in Huntington 20 minutes before show time, British music icon Elvis Costello once again proved the value of the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center and the Marshall Artists Series.  Costello and his band almost did not make their...

Elvis At The Wellmont

Baristanet: Erika Bleiberg: 6th October, 2011"One of my favorite moments — and I was in good company in my appreciation, based on the cheering — was when he was alone on the stage and stepped away from the microphone. Costello’s vocals carried unassisted through the venue, and...

What goes around comes around better for Elvis Costello

Cliffview Pilot.com: Jerry Demarco: 6th October, 2011:The diabolical “I Want You” smoldered, as it should, building in vicious intensity, with Costello jack-hammering the guitar and Pete Thomas – as muscular and lightning-fast as ever -- snapping the skins. It was almost as if John...

"The Imposters are on point to deliver a killer show, and they're doing it on a nightly basis"

Hippiesaredead.com: 4th October, 2011The highlight of the evening came when Costello invited the crowd to leave the venues seating chary behind and rush the stage.  Only at that point did it truly come together and feel like a rock show.  Surrounded by an adoring fanbase, the band delivered...

Elvis Costello & The Imposters at United Palace Theater

Examiner: Jim Bessman: 3rd October, 2011"One other wheel-spinner merits special mention: the lovely Mary Louise Parker. She may not have survived last week's Weeds' season-ending cliffhanger, but she was certainly alive here, responding to Costello's "feel free to shake a tail feather"...

"The Spectacular Spinning Songbook - The Results"

Elvis Costello & The ImpostersHuntington, WVOctober 8th, 2011Overture - featuring the former Mother Superior of Our Lady of Perpetual Torment, Dixie De La FontaineI Hope You're Happy NowHeart Of The CityMystery DanceUncomplicatedRadio RadioThe Spectacular Spinning SongbookClubland - Spin 1This Wheel's...

Elvis Costello & The Imposters @ Paramount Theatre

Newsday: Glenn Gamboa: 30th September, 2011"When people started screaming for “Alison” in the middle of the song, he simply walked to the mic and finished it up and then walked off the stage. He did not return, ending what was still a wonderful opening night for The Paramount.Costello...

"Elvis Costello Warner Theatre Concert Curiosities"

The Imposters returned to the stage to join him on “Sleep of the Just,”

Elvis Costello and the Imposters at The Ryman

Nashville Scene: The Spin: 25th September, 2011How ‘bout getting show highlights like a smooth “Watching the Detectives,” which saw Costello singing walking around the theater floor? Or a captivating, slow-drawn take on Bob Dylan & The Band’s “This Wheel's on Fire”...

Fun, irreverence rule Elvis Costello show

As the 57-year-old applied smooth vocals to cinematically narrate 1981's "Watch Your Step," it became clear rock 'n' roll got lucky when Costello made the genre his main vocation.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters sold a few vowels at Chastain

Creative Loafing: James Kelly: September 26th, 2011In spite of his well-documented disdain for the somewhat stuffy Chastain Park vibe, Costello was a gentleman throughout the set, opening with a four-song roar, then donning his top hat and becoming the slightly demented hostRead More……  

Elvis Costello At The Ryman Auditorium

American Songwriter: Blake Boldt: September 26th, 2011This wasn’t a night to be predicting anything. Elvis Costello’s stop at the Ryman Sunday night was most notable for its wacky format: A part of his Spectacular Spinning Songbook Tour, the performance established him as suave ringmaster...

"The Revolver Tour"

"The Revolver Tour" will resume this Saturday at Chastain Park, Atlanta before proceeding to the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville and the Murat Theatre, Indianapolis and beyond. Thanks go to our friends in Alabama and Florida for their understanding over the urgent need for the postponement of shows...

'Elmo's Super Heroes' comes to Times-Union Center'

Jacksonville.com: Tom Szarloeta: September 16th, 2011.Today’s issue of Jack was supposed to be all about Elvis Costello, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who was scheduled to appear at the Florida Theatre next week. But Costello had to postpone his show, leaving us scrambling for something to put...

Postponement Announcement

It is with regret and sorrow that Elvis Costello announces that he must delay the start of the next leg of "The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Tour" until the 24th of September in Atlanta. This is due to matters pertaining to the very serious illness of a close family member. All shows prior...

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Keep Songbook Spinning With Fall Tour Dates

Elvis Costello and the Imposters today answer the call of unanimouslycheering audiences and critics from coast to coast, announcing a furtherextension of the massively successful Spinning Songbook tour with astring of fall dates in the Eastern U.S., on sale now.Having begun as a brief two-week stint...

The New York Times - Another Spin of the Musical Wheel

The New York Times: Jon Pareles: May 24th, 2011“If I can’t cheat, who can?” he teased.But the real and gratifying cheat was that there is, in the end, no way to keep Mr. Costello’s songs in any shallow entertainment mode. His torrents of words hold desire, rage, wounds and revenge,...

Elvis Costello Rocks Amazing Singing Songbook Set

Rolling Stone: Patrick Doyle: May 24th 2011"For the final encore, Costello emerged in a gold suit and leopard-print hat and welcomed an audience member who exemplified the downside of a show with such heavy crowd participation. After Costello began the tender classic "Alison," she made...

Spectacle: elvis costello with..... Season Two now showing on Sky Arts UK

Elvis Costello kicks off his new series of intimate interviews and performances with some of the biggest names in music by welcoming Bono and The Edge.In front of Costello’s live studio audience, the U2 vocalist and guitarist discuss the forming of their band. “We had no history of musicianship,”...

"Don't Try This At Home, Kids"

 Another Report From Our Georgian Correspondents

"Holy Freaking Flying Monkeys Of Fire - Larkin Poe's P.O.V."

 In which Larkin Poe opens for the fantastic Elvis Costello (in Interlochen, Michigan). Holy, freaking, flying monkeys of fire; what an amazing night.... Thank you, thank you to Elvis and all his amazing folk for having us along! For more information about the little ole' opening band, please visit:...

Elvis Costello's original song 'Sparkling Day' will lead the soundtrack of Focus Features August 2011 release 'One Day'

Twenty years. Two people…To be released by Focus Features in theaters nationwide on Friday, August 19th, 2011, One Day stars Academy Award nominee Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe). Directed by Lone Scherfig (director of An Education, Academy Award-nominated for Best Picture),...

A message to our friends in Richmond, VA.

"We share your regret and disappointment at the recent cancelations in your most excellent town but they were due to circumstances beyond the control of all concerned.  When the original show was postponed due to illness on 20th of July, it was rescheduled with surprising...

Osheaga - Top Five Acts

Naption Urban Daily: Max Mertens: 2nd August, 2011Elvis Costello will be turning 57-years-old this month, yet his Saturday headlining set proved that he still has more energy than many bands at Osheaga half his age. Despite having a significantly smaller crowd than Eminem the previous night, the English...

Newport Folk Festival

” Elvis Costello, playing with his crack band, The Imposters, though billed as an acoustic performance, included gentle numbers such as “American Without Tears,” “Brilliant Mistake” and “Scarlet Tide” (with a guest appearance by Emmylou Harris).

Danceable Night Of Songs

"There was a go-go dancer, dressed in classic Hullabaloo, as well as audience members who also came up on stage to dance in the cage. And it was an extremely danceable night of songs"

Fashion Notes

Examiner.com: Jim Bessman: 24th July, 2011 "Sky high temperatures being what they were, he did wear less than his usual business attire, doffing the dark suit jacket for long-sleeved shirt and vest. Longtime keyboard ace Steve Nieve at least picked up the sartorial slack, in what appeared to be...

Life On The Ocean Wave

The Hartford Courant: Jack Coraggio: July 25th, 2011"Elvis Costello and the Imposters brought an unbelievably fantastic show that likely proselytized some New Wave converts. An energetic closer of "Pump It Up" and the fitting "What's So Funny (About Peace, Love and Understanding)"...

Gathering of the Vibes dials up the heat and smoke

"Not without his own brief tribute to Jerry Garcia, Costello's version of "It Must Have Been the Roses," was another highpoint of the show --

The Gathering Of The Vibes

Connecticut Post: Sean Spillane: 23rd July, 2011"Costello, in his encore, performed the title track from his album “Sulphur to Sugarcane,” which namechecks Bridgeport, although it’s not certain if he’s talking about the host city of the Vibes.Anyway, the lyrics say, “Down...

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ. Announcement

Elvis Costello sincerely regrets that due to illness he must postpone his July 22nd Elvis Costello and the Imposters concert date at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

Costello spins gold at Wolfe Auditorium show

"The first spin of the wheel yielded “This Wheel’s On Fire.” Then came “I Want You,” “Joanna,” “Episode of Blonde,” “Bedlam” and “Girl"....

Innsbrook Pavillion, Richmond, VA. Announcement

Elvis Costello sincerely regrets that due to illness he is postponing his July 20th Elvis Costello and the Imposters concert date at Innsbrook Pavilion in Richmond, VA.

"Elvis Costello's Jackpot Hits"

"Costello's mastery of lyrics, melodies, and arrangements were on full display all night.

Revolver Fires Up Again In Charlotte

Charlotte Observer: Courtney Devores: 17th July, 2011"He appeared solo to begin a quieter, rootsier run of songs that included “Sulphur to Sugarcane” then encored looking fittingly `70s movie thug in a shiny copper leather jacket and leopard print hat for “Watching the Detectives.”...

Costello delivers classics, inventive flair to locals

"Costello definitely gave the audience, estimated at 1,500, its money's worth, showing them that a rock concert doesn't simply have to be a series of songs performed live."

Elvis Costello's Spectacular Spinning Songbook Rolls On Into July

Following boffo business at the box office, popular demand and press acclaim, Elvis Costello and the Imposters will be bringing the Spectacular Spinning Songbook to most of their dates during July. 7/16 Belk Theater-Charlotte, NC7/18 N. Charleston PAC-N. Charleston, SC7/19 Wolfe Auditorium-Asheville,...

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Keep Songbook Spinning With New Fall Tour Dates

Elvis Costello and the Imposters today answer the call of unanimously cheering audiences and critics from coast to coast, announcing a further extension of the massively successful Spinning Songbook tour with a string of fall dates in the Eastern U.S., on sale July 15.

"The Spectacular Spinning Songbook - The Results"

Elvis Costello & The ImpostersSt. LouisJuly 1st , 2011                                               Overture - featuring the former Mother Superior of Our Lady of Perpetual Torment,...

Elvis Costello in a gem of a show at the Pageant

Costello interpolated songs like Sonny Boy Williamson's "Help Me," and Them's "I Can Only Give You Everything" into his own tunes, creating something new along the way.

"He Worked The Room Of Teenagers To 60-Year-Olds Like A Master Of Ceremonies"

3 Minute Record: July 2nd, 2011Before calling for song three, shouts and applause rose from the audience as out from the shadows walked Eddie Vedder to the stage! In town for his date at the Fabulous Fox Theatre the same night, Vedder helped Costello belt a raucous version of The Who classic “Substitute.”...

"Pat Sajak Impersonations And A Little Sexy Swiveling?"

Riverfront Times: Christian Schaeffer: July 2nd, 2011"As Costello and his crew left the stage, drummer Pete Thomas gave an errant spin of the wheel as the house lights came on. It landed on "I Want You," almost certainly Costello's darkest song of violent lust and barely contained sexual...

"We certainly understand the logic of only allowing pretty girls to get up there"

The Larryville Chronicles: July 1st, 2011"I especially dug the second-encore jamboree with the Southern sisters from the opening act, who added some sweet pedal steel to 'Sulphur to Sugarcane' with Costello vamping it up to lyrics like 'I gave up married women cause I heard it was a sin / Now...

"Minus The Pickle Juice"

ReviewSTL: Allison: July 1st, 2011"He selected a preteen who excitedly danced her way onto the stage and spun “Bedlam” as the next song. She jived first in an on-stage lounge and later in the go-go dancer’s cage as the band performed a version that had been slightly slowed down...

Spinning Wheel, Elvis Keeps On Turning

At one point, he just took over and, without explanation, offered a medley of the Band's jubilant rocker "This Wheel's on Fire" and the smoldering blues "The River in Reverse."

"Perhaps he was just being a joker all along"

City Pages: Jeff Gage: 30th June 2011The first member of the audience who got to spin the big wheel sitting on stage at the State last night was a woman named Heidi. She ran up on stage, squealing with delight, and gave Elvis Costello an enormous hug. "My friend and I have been following you for...

"The Last Five Minutes On Earth"

StarTribune: Jon Bream: June 30th, 2011Costello had fun with whomever came onstage to spin his rock roulette wheel. There were two women, best friends since high school who had been listening to Elvis for 30 years; a young woman and her grandmother; a series of married couples, etc. and hurled some...

"The Spinning State"

The Journal: Jeremy Zoss: 30th June, 2011With each spin of the wheel, Costello and the band launched into a veritable mini-concert. Each bite-sized set was accompanied by its own theatrics, such as a caged go-go dancer with boundless energy, Costello singing in the aisles and remixed versions of some...

"Funnest Show On Earth!"

Torontoist: Jim Kelley: 25th June, 2011"Costello brings the night to a subdued and dignified close with “I Hope,” a bonus track from the Japanese pressing of his latest, National Ransom. A crowd-pleasing two hours and 40 minutes after it began, the Spectacular Spinning Songbook...

"Steve Nieve Is Completely Well"

"We are pleased to announce that Steve Nieve is completely well, having experienced a severe muscle spasm during the Spectacular Spinning Songbook show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The episode forced Mr. Nieve from the stage after two stellar piano performances of the songs "Black Sails In The...


Buffalo News: Jeff Miers: 26th June, 2011"During a brisk-tempoed take on “Turpentine,” keyboardist Nieve played theremin, and set the stage for a lengthy guitar solo from Costello, who seemed to be fully partaking of the pleasures afforded by an abused wah-wah pedal. He blew another...

Step right up, folks, for the amazing Elvis Costello

The Globe And Mail: Brad Wheeler: 24th June, 2011To a theatre full of people who adored him, Elvis Costello reflected their good taste and justified their fandom. The big, illuminated and colourful wheel that dominated stage right was the Spectacular Spinning Songbook, a gaudy gyrating résumé...

"Costello & Imposters Spin Real Fun Show"

canoe.ca: Jane Stevenson: 24th June, 2011"Whether he realizes it or not, he is cool, talented, charming and often quite sexy, whether he’s crooning a ballad or rocking out intensely." Read More...... 

Costello provides his own thunder at rain-soaked Jazz Festival

Ottawa Citizen: Lynn Saxberg: 24th June, 2011Ottawa — Singer-songwriter Elvis Costello bounded on to the stage of the TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival and lit into what was probably the most rocking concert ever witnessed at the venerable festival.Instead of relying on a wheel-driven game...

Back by Popular Demand, Elvis Costello and the Imposters Return to NYC/NJ

Three New Spectacular Spinning Songbook Shows Added, More Anticipated.Elvis Costello and the Imposters announced additional dates featuring the Spectacular Spinning Songbook, with three new tri-state area shows this fall, on sale Friday, June 24. The shows include Costello's re-scheduled May 18 performance,...

Elvis Costello takes fans for a songbook spin in Royal Oak

The Oakland Press: Gary Graff: 21st June, 2011Highlights included an emotive "I Want You," "Doll Revolution," "So Like Candy" (one of several songs Costello's co-written with Paul McCartney), "New Lace Sleeves" and "Pills and Soap." During one of the...

"A Writer Speaks"

The Writing Life: Katey Schultz: 22nd June, 2011"The band played for about two hours, effectively nonstop. For the last 40 minutes, 80% of the audience was on their feet, with perhaps 100 folks slammed up against the edge of the stage, bouncing and twitching to the beats""Sitting their...

"Men Knock Upon My Door In Odd And Even Numbers But None Of Them As Wild As I Discovered In Columbus"

My Favorite Songs Of All Time - Elvis Costello "Relationship Status: Uncomplicated" Colin Gawel.com: JUNE 21, 2011Among the many, many reasons I love rock n roll so much is that infidelity is strongly encouraged and is in fact essential to maintain a healthy bond. Sure, I may be in a committed...

Wheel Spins A Memorable Evening

The Columbus Dispatch: Gary Budzak: 20th June, 2011"There were women dancing throughout the show in the go-go cage, and Costello himself even did a stint in it, and it reminded one of something out of Austin Powers or Laugh-In and worked as a gilded bird cage - at one point, Costello sang And Your...

"One of the best shows I have ever seen"

Rochester City Newspaper: Frank De Blase: 18th June, 2011"After spinning the wheel guests were invited to sit in the mondo cool lounge and sip something blue in fancy stemware or dance in the go-go cage. This included one young lady --- I'm guessing about 14 years old --- that had some moves that...

"From Our Cheese And Poetry Correspondent"

Democrat And Chronicle: Jeff Spevak: 18th June 2011"Today's jazz haikuIn rock, and life too,the wheel is a funny gameloaded with jokers"Read More...... The People Of Rochester Speak......Read More.   

Talented Costello Keeps Crowd Thrilled

Pittsburgh Tribune: Rege Behe: June 17th, 2011The wheel landed on some rare gems, notably "Silky Girl" and "Party Girl."All of the audience participants were female -- including an adorable 11-year-old named Lily -- save one guy named Jack from Cleveland who was greeted with a round...

Elvis Costello's Spinning Songbook is a win-win

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Scott Mervis: 17th June, 2011Then, Elvis ran off, changed and returned in the guise of game-show host Napoleon Dynamite, promising "songs about love, songs about sex, songs about death, and dancing, but not necessarily in that order." The first spin, in the rain, from...

"I Wouldn't Talk Down To You"

Even despite the gold lame jacket he sported at the end of the night, Costello can only delve so far into gaudy tastelessness -- the songs are just too good to go there. The wheel brought up "King's Ransom", which led to the country soul of "Indoor Fireworks" and the dry wit of "Brilliant...

Elvis Costello's Spectacular Spinning Songbook Rolls On Into June And July Dates

Following boffo business at the box office, popular demand and press acclaim, Elvis Costello and the Imposters announced today that they will be bringing the Spectacular Spinning Songbook to most of their dates during June and July. 6/15 Wolf Trap-Vienna, VA6/16 Trib Total Media Amphitheatre-Pittsburgh,...

Elvis Costello Sings With Grover And All The Gang

The Wall Street Journal: Marshall Heyman: 3rd June 2011One of the things that's frustrating about going to a fund-raiser at Cipriani 42nd Street is that, sitting through speeches and waiting for dinner to be served, you could eat a lot of breadsticks. The perfectly salty Cipriani carbohydrates are usually...

Napoleon Remembers...

My many years in showbusiness have taught me that the audience is actually a group of individuals who - though deserving of respect and any even affection – may be transformed into an angry beast in the frenzy of the night. I take the precaution of keeping a whip and chair close at hand, at all...

Elvis Costello's Wheel Of Fortune

Rolling Stone : David Fricke: May 25th 2011Elvis Costello came out of the gate on May 24th – the last night of a three-show run at New York's Beacon Theater and the final date of his "Revolver Tour" – like he was playing the concert in reverse. The singer-guitarist and his Imposters...

Elvis Costello Helps West Hartford Man Propose to Girlfriend on Stage

Hartford Courant: Eric R.Danton Well that's a bold thing: West Hartford resident Mike Youmans proposed to his girlfriend, Hilory Wagner of Glastonbury last Friday on stage at an Elvis Costello concert in Boston.Costello's set lists this tour are determined by fans spinning a wheel of fortune marked with...

Elvis Costello Invites ?Uestlove To Jam Onstage

Female First: 26th May 2011Hip-hop star AHMIR '?UESTLOVE' THOMPSON enjoyed an impromptu jam session with Elvis Costello on Tuesday (24 May 11) when the veteran rocker invited THE ROOTS drummer to join him onstage in New York.Costello was performing with his band, The Imposters, on the last of three dates...

"Flutter And Wow"

nj.com: Tris McCall: 24th May 2011 When Costello allowed the Spinning Songbook to take its own course, its choices proved inspired. "Black and White World," a track from the soul-rock album "Get Happy!!," gave him an excuse to show off his sensitivity on the sonorous low strings of...

"Songs About Love, Death And Dancing - Though Not Necessarily In That Order."

Boston Globe: Jonathan Perry: May 23rd 2011.When a songwriter like Elvis Costello takes as many risks, twists, and turns as he does — collaborating with Allen Toussaint and Tony Bennett; writing for Johnny Cash and teaming with Paul McCartney — there’s only one thing left to do: Expect...

Fans Hit The Jackpot

Boston Herald: Jed Gottlied: May 22nd 2011Elvis Costello & the Imposters began Friday’s packed Citi Wang Theatre gig sprinting through five songs in 16 quick minutes. One of them, “Uncomplicated,” even crammed in three (admittedly clipped) guitar solos.That was just the beginning....

A Terrifically Entertaining Two-Hour Show At The Tower Theatre.

philly.com: Dan DeLucaThe terms fun and Elvis Costello don't necessarily go hand in hand. But on Thursday night, they got up to dance together in a go-go cage during a terrifically entertaining two-hour show at the Tower Theatre.Costello, ably backed by the Imposters, the crack three-man...

Biblecode Sundays Fire "Revolver" In Boston

Boston Herald: Jed Gottlied: May 22nd 2011Costello doctored a spin to land on “Napoleon Solo,” did “A Slow Drag With Josephine” on his own then brought out brother Ronan MacManus and band for a pair of duets. Read More..... 

"I Like Cake"

Brown Cat BakeryElvis walked off after those two songs, changed into a gold jacket, and came back with the guys for another set. No one spun the wheel. They just played song after song, after song. Then it was over (pouty face.)I just bought a ticket to see Elvis at the Wolf Trap on June 15th. Woohoo!Read...


The Revolver Tour Resumes At The Tower Theatre at 8pm, Tonight, Thursday the 19th of May.  

"The World's Greatest Game Show"

Chris Willman Susanna Hoffs also took the lead vocal on "Tear Off Your Own Head (Doll Revolution)," a song that Costello gave the Bangles before he recorded it himself. The three lasses stuck around for plenty of Shindig-style shimmying...  Read More.....   

"Viva Las Vegas"

Essential Junk: Returning to stage later in the night, and always the showman, Costello lamented the missing spinning wheel but joked there’s an app for that. On cue, an i-Pad appeared on stage with a camera trained on its screen as his attractive assistant brought a medley of women on stage to...

Cincinnati Fatback

I doubt any woman could satisfy me sexually to the degree that the Costello show satisfied me as a music fan. He played for two and a half hours and did three encores. He covered Nick Lowe, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones AND The Who. He played at least one song from nearly every single one of the albums...

"Way cooler than Kravitz..."

At one point, Costello went out into the crowd with a wireless mic and we lost site of him but were still impressed. I've seen a few artists go out into the crowd, most memorably Lenny Kravitz, and I always think it's a cool move. Well, cooler than Kravitz going into the crowd (did I mention he wasn't...

The Revolver At The Taft

Walter Tunis: The Musical Box. We always knew there was something of the carnival barker in Elvis Costello. He may forever be viewed as a champion songsmith that has continually taken huge stylistic risks with his music over the past 35 years. But last night at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, he left...

"They Can't Take The Competition"

Las Vegas Weekly: Spencer Patterson “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea” started intensely, only to devolve into a faux-funk jam session more appropriate for Phishheads than an overwhelmingly older Pearl crowd.Costello ultimately did produce a wheel … on an iPad screen atop a music...


The Revolver Tour rolls out of Reno in less than a week and our mailbag has been full of enquiries as to how this show is going to work. The simple answer is that members of the audience will be invited onto the stage to spin the newly constructed, “Spectacular Spinning Songbook” –...

HAVE WIG - WILL OUT. Elvis Costello & The Imposters performing in Bridgeport, CT at The Gathering of the Vibes

“HAVE WIG – WILL OUT. Elvis & The Imposters performing  in Bridgeport, CT at “The Gathering of the Vibes” music festival on Saturday July 23rd . What Grateful Dead song would you like to hear in the set?”  

Elvis Costello Announces The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook For The First Time In 25 Years On "The Revolver Tour"

Elvis Costello and the Imposters have announced “The Revolver Tour” during the merry month of May. For the first time in 25 years, Costello will let his set-list be chosen by ”The Spectacular Spinning Songbook”, a monumental game-show wheel that features 40 song-titles, including...

Elvis Costello Performs Live On The Geoff Lloyd Hometime Show

Elvis Costello joins Geoff Lloyd to play a live session. Includes the tracks "A Slow Drag With Josephine", "Every Day I Write The Book", "Condemned Man/Watching The Detectives" and "Pennies From Heaven/A Voice In The Dark". Click to watch the video....

Elvis Costello performs Live on BBC Radio 5 Live with Richard Bacon.

Widely regarded as one of the most gifted songwriters of his generation, Elvis Costello talks about his career and 33rd album release - National Ransom. He discusses the state of the music industry and the impact of shows like the X Factor all live on BBc Radio 5 Live with Richard Bacon ... More...

The Speaking Clock Revue

T Bone Burnett ToPremiere The Speaking Clock RevueWith Two October Multi-Artist Concerts inBoston and New YorkTo Benefit Music And Arts Education In Public SchoolsBoth Shows To Be Presented In Association With Participant MediaAnd Forthcoming Waiting For “Superman” Documentary Film      T...

Two Cracking Good Eggs

Costello, Lowe Swap Songs

A club show taking place the evening of the first night of San Francisco’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival just might be the most intriguing concert you’ll see this year.

Scheduled for October 1 at Great American Music Hall, the show features Elvis Costello and...