Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album

A compilation of rarities, deep cuts, and alternate mixes, Unfaithful Music serves as an excellent soundtrack and companion to Costello's new memoir.

Elvis Costello Has Created A Soundtrack Album To His Memoir That Will Include Hits, Favorites And Two Unreleased Tracks

Elvis Costello has compiled a 38-track, 2-CD set 'Unfaithful Music &
Soundtrack Album' as a companion to his memoir
'Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink', Out Now.

Disappearing Ink: A tribute to Elvis Costello's Brutal Youth, released 21 years ago

Elvis Costello’s music has inspired a lot of book titles, most notably Bret Easton Ellis’s Less Than Zero and Imperial Bedrooms. Last summer, EW senior writer Anthony Breznican published his own novel, a dark coming-of-age thriller called Brutal Youth. Here’s his personal tribute to the album that inspired it.

Out Among The Stars, A Lost Johnny Cash Album

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, is proud to announce the release of "Out Among The Stars" (Columbia/Legacy), a remarkable new album comprised of 12 recently discovered Johnny Cash studio recordings, on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

Quick Questions for Steven Mandel - Producer/Engineer For Elvis Costello and the Roots

When I was finishing up the Top 12 Records of 2013 series, I reached out to Steven Mandel to get a few thoughts about MY #1 album of the year, Wise Up Ghost.

Wise Up: Thought - Now Available Digitally & on 10" Vinyl

Elvis Costello & The Roots Premiere Lyric Video for ‘Walk Us Uptown- Antibalas Rework: Available For Viewing Exclusively on Esquire.com
Wise Up: Thought Now Available Digitally & on 10” Vinyl.

Wise Up Ghost: A Conversation with Elvis Costello

"You took a different approach with Wise Up Ghost than most others have with their albums. What was the mission?"

Longtime Elvis Costello Bandmate Steve Nieve Releases "ToGetHer"

Legendary Attractions And Imposters Keyboardist Collaborates With Sting, Costello, Laurie Anderson, Glenn Tillbrook, Robert Wyatt, Ron Sexsmith, Vanessa Paradis, Alain Chamfort & More

Elvis Costello Talks to Judd Apatow About Wise Up Ghost, His Album with the Roots, and His Musical with Burt Bacharach

Judd Apatow’s big career break happened while he was waiting in line for an Elvis Costello concert. That’s kind of a long story (read on to hear him tell it), but it’s just one of the many reasons Vanity Fair was so excited to match up these two creative powerhouses for a conversation pegged to Costello’s recent album, Wise Up Ghost, and upcoming East Coast tour.

Meet The Third Man: The Producer Who Orchestrated A Roots/Elvis Costello Collaboration

Steven Mandel, the co-producer of Elvis Costello and The Roots' Wise Up Ghost, on dream projects, guerrilla tactics, and the magic of mistakes.

"Young People Today"

"Costello's unmistakeable vocal weaved in through the organised chaos of The Roots."

Elvis Costello and The Roots: Wise Up Ghost - FUV Live Special - 2013

With Don Was, Elvis Costello and Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson in the same room, talk of music is inevitable, and it's sure to be seasoned with respect, history, and even a drop-in by Dave Chappelle.

Wise Up Ghost

Grooves are murky and loose, a melding together of soul, hip hop, ska and funk, discordant electronic sounds, some beautiful string arrangements, a nice brass section and more than a nod to the 1970s.

OKP TV: Elvis Costello x Questlove Trade TV War Stories & Um... Clear The Air About A Few Things

Recently Okayplayer had the unique opportunity to interview Elvis Costello and Questlove–the principal troublemakers behind the recent Wise Up Ghost album from Elvis & The Roots.

Elvis Costello on Roots Collaboration: 'I Don't Make Records for Fetishists'

"Sharp and soulful in equal measure, matching Costello's biting storytelling with The Roots' propulsive, funk-driven grooves"

Ronan McManus on Irish identity, BibleCode Sundays and Elvis Costello

Biblecode Sundays frontman Ronan McManus talks to Geraldine Gilmartin about family, his musical make-up and brother Elvis Costello.

A New Element Surfaces on Music's Periodic Table: Elvis Costello and Questlove Break Bad on Wise Up Ghost

Professor Costello, Professor Questlove: congratulations on your remarkable achievement for the greater good of music. You’ve done us proud.

"I've ended up with this strange career of basically doing what the f--- I want,"

"I've ended up with this strange career of basically doing what the f--- I want," Costello tells THR. His latest effort, "Wise Up Ghost," may be the musician's most rhythmic work yet."

This is certainly the best record I've heard all year.

"Each song begs the question, “Where has this pairing been for the past few decades?”

Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

"The lack of any rapping whatsoever though means that Wise Up Ghost is in fact a funk album; and a damn good one at that."

Elvis Costello and the Roots Record 'Wise Up Ghost'

Costello, Questlove, and engineer/producer Steven Mandel reveal the process of making their groove-laden, song-driven, totally new, occasionally familiar-sounding album, Wise Up Ghost -

Elvis Costello and The Roots New Album: Wise Up Ghost

"A beautiful and entertaining fusion of seemingly disparate genres that come together flawlessly to make something altogether new and exciting"

Elvis Costello and the Roots pump it up

The dream date between UK punk standard-bearer and Philly’s polymath funk-and-beyond band heats up onstage in Brooklyn

Elvis Costello and the Roots

"This is that rarest of rare occurrences - a meeting of musical superstars that comes off as organic, inspired and necessary"

'Wise Up Ghost' surely deserves to be considered one of the top albums released this year.

"an abundance of metaphors, slick rhythms and an array of haunting yet jazzy melodies that brim with energy and Costello’s signature thought-provoking lyrics"

"Wise Up Ghost" is the collaboration of the year!

"On Wise Up Ghost, Elvis Costello and The Roots created the perfect balance of songwriting, soul, and hip hop"

Elvis Costello and The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

"It’s hard to recall a record in recent memory that pays such rich rewards off of so much heightened suspicion and curiosity"

"Wise Up/When You're Gonna Rise Up"

Wise Up Ghost is a perfect fall record. As a perfect soundtrack to the change of season, keep it on heavy rotation for the coming weeks.

The Roots join a reinvigorated Costello on the suave 'Wise Up Ghost'

The songs are gritty, moody and full of humidity — a thick, instrumental, vintage soul album infused with subtle hip hop.

Elvis Costello and the Roots: 'There's no such thing as too funky'

"For me, there's no such thing as sounding too funky," says Costello, and while Wise Up Ghost often sounds menacingly sparse, it is also propelled by thick grooves.

Elvis Costello and The Roots: 'Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs'

I hope the "Number One" etched into the album's cover is an indication that this is not merely a one-off collaboration but rather just the beginning of a beautiful musical relationship. This record is pure gold from every angle."

Elvis Costello and The Roots, 'Wise Up Ghost'

"Lyrically, the album may paint things black, spewing one dire social and political pronouncement after another. But the music sweetens the dread with excitement"

The Roots & Elvis Costello - Wise Up Ghost And Other Songs

"Its legacy will be less a product of what section it finds itself in a record store than it is a reflection of the commonly arrived upon realization that there are only two types of music in the world, good and bad. Take it or leave it, Wise Up Ghost is great. "

Elvis Costello And The Roots - Wise Up Ghost And Other Songs

These tracks conjure up a late-night, cinematic feel reminiscent of Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield’s 1970s output, yet their tasteful minimalism ensures that they also feel utterly modern.

Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs

If we are, as Costello seems to be suggesting, careening toward the apocalypse, at least we’re getting there in style.

Review: Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

It’s rare that a record comes along that so boldly states its own greatness, and it’s rarer still that such an album actually lives up to that promise. Wise Up Ghost does. [B+]

PopMatters: Elvis Costello and the Roots: Wise Up Ghost

"Right place, right people, right time; those things aren’t even the half of it."

Elvis Costello And The Roots - Wise Up Ghost Review

”It’s a moody, brooding affair, cathartic rhythms and dissonant lullabies. I went stark and dark on the music, Elvis went HAM on some ole Ezra Pound shit.”

Elvis Costello, The Roots Wise Up Ghost

"the combination of one of England’s great lyricists and production from arguably America’s most forward-thinking band resulting in a crisp, funky, even dangerous sounding album as political and as relevant as anything this year. 9/10"

"Now we're in a hall of mirrors with my secret fears and terrors"

It’s amazing, and the Roots are ideal collaborators, intertwining their sound with the melodic bile Costello spits into the mic. It’s got grooves to spare"

Elvis Costello and the Roots, Wise Up Ghost, review

The Telegraph: Elvis Costello and the Roots have created a very cool, politically charged collaboration.

Elvis Costello and The Roots Present 'Wise Up Ghost'

Dousing us with a soundtrack supreme, The Roots and Elvis Costello have proven that timelessness outweighs relevance. We needed the wakeup call; they provided it and then some.

Odd Coupling's Aim is True

Elvis Costello and the Roots team up for a marriage made in heaven.

Electronic Musician: Extended Elvis Costello Interview

Electronic Musician October issue features a cover story on Wise Up Ghost, a collaboration between Elvis Costello and The Roots. Here, Costello tells us more about the evolution of the songs and studio sessions.

Wiser and back to his roots

Questlove describes the result as an ''apocalyptic love story … It's a moody, brooding affair, cathartic rhythms and dissonant lullabies. I went stark and dark on the music, Elvis went HAM on some ol' Ezra Pound shit.''

Track Review: Elvis Costello and the Roots, "Walk Us Uptown"

“Walk Us Uptown,” the first single from Costello’s full-length collaboration with The Roots, is possibly the funkiest thing he’s released to date.

Big Wheel Keeps On Turning: Elvis Costello Interviewed

Terry Staunton spins the wheel with Elvis Costello and takes him back through the years, and discusses Thatcher's death, Britain today, and protest songs.


“Refuse to Be Saved,” “Wake Me Up,” “Viceroy’s Row” find Elvis spitting vitriolic wit over spare and menacing funk backings.

Elvis Costello's single with the Roots

"“Walk Us Uptown,” is a dark, mysterious minimalist funk jam"

Elvis Costello And The Roots "Walk Us Uptown"

“Will you wash away our sins in the crossfire and cross-currents/As you uncross your fingers and take out some insurance . . .

"Singer Won't Work"

"So heading down to a neat Soho hotel for a couple of beers and a playback of Wise Up Ghost – an intriguing sounding collaboration between Elvis and The Roots"

La Santa Cecilia Teams With Elvis Costello on 'Losing Game'

Los Angeles quartet La Santa Cecilia this week release their major label debut Treinta Días, a record that finds the former buskers teaming up with none other than Elvis Costello.

"Soon On Cinco"

You might not suspect from its lovely, breathy lead vocal and deceptively languid, vaguely bossa nova lilt that La Santa Cecilia's latest single, "El Hielo" is actually a fiery protest anthem.

"Quiet About It"

"Quiet About It", a newly recorded collection of the songs of Jesse Winchester is available now on iTunes.

Critic's pick: Elvis Costello and the Imposters, 'The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook!!!'

"Get a hold of it, Brian, and spin it and don't let the fact that these people's happiness in the next five minutes is completely in your hands. Spin that wheel!"

Elvis Costello & The Imposters: The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook!!! Live CD and DVD Available April 3rd

On April 3rd, 2012, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) will release thedeluxe edition of Elvis Costello & The Imposters: The Return Of TheSpectacular Spinning Songbook!!! The digipak includes a CD, DVD and 28page booklet filled with musings from Napoleon Dynamite (aka ElvisCostello), the emcee of The...

Al Kooper on "When Green Eyes Turn Blue"

Who knew when I was enjoying “Tiny Steps,” “Alison,” and “So Like Candy” that THAT guy could sing like THIS?