Elvis Costello Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink

But thank God for Costello’s acerbic sense of humour which makes the experience of reading his memoir such scurrilous pleasure as you read first-hand of the anarchy and insouciance of being an Attraction at large in Tokyo and in the USA.

Elvis Costello's 'Unfaithful Music': Everyday he wrote the book

It's a big book: nearly 700 pages. But then it's been a larger-than-life career, one bigger than Declan MacManus seemed to believe possible.

Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink by Elvis Costello, review: 'fascinating and frustrating'

Both fascinating and frustrating, the result is, at least, utterly authentic and reveals much about Britain’s most brilliant songwriter of the post-punk era.

Elvis Costello Takes Another 'Detour'

Elvis Costello takes his acclaimed Detour solo show for another spin next May including 4 nights at the London Palladium May 10th-14th.

Elvis Costello memoir a truthful mirror

Unfaithful Music is a songwriter's memoir, focussed on craft. The structure is not temporal, but a life in songs. Creation is ineffable, a whole life brought to bear upon a few minutes.