Elvis Costello Solo "Detour" US Dates Set for Spring 2016

Elvis Costello has announced west coast US solo “Detour” dates for spring 2016. Costello’s solo dates over the last several years are lauded by critics and fans, called “unforgettable” and “The best showcase of [Elvis’] talent to date.”

'Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink': Elvis Costello pens his musical journey

Elvis Costello has an almost religious love of popular music and the people behind it, and the intensity of his love informs his eye, ear, timing and choice of words.

The Elvis Costello Immersion

I have yet to read the book, but if Mystery Dance is any indication, it will be an exercise in delight and wonder. For all the things Costello is or isn't, has or hasn't been ... he has lived up to Stephen Thomas Erlwine's description of him on AllMusic.com as an utterly fascinating "pop encyclopedia."

Post-Punk Polymath

Costello’s vast autobiography comes as a treat for this diehard fan of his first five or six albums. It is no surprise that one of the best lyricists of the punk rock wars should be able to deliver an engaging and articulate work.

Elvis Costello Takes Another 'Detour'

Elvis Costello takes his acclaimed Detour solo show for another spin next May including 4 nights at the London Palladium May 10th-14th.