La bravura di Elvis Costello sta nel saper emozionare anche con imperfezione

A journey in stages not chronological but emotional, through songs, inspirations, friends, personal anecdotes of a very long life and subsequent career, performed with an intensity phenomenal in every little detail.

Elvis Costello Takes Another 'Detour'

Elvis Costello takes his acclaimed Detour solo show for another spin in May including 4 nights at the London Palladium May 10th-14th.


I don’t usually like to reveal what goes on behind the green door but my current predicament demands that I am frank about this for those who care to read on…

A Face In The Crowd

Elvis Costello has never been stingy about treating live audiences to new work. Back in tape-trading days, when fandom involved a lot of cassette-duping and licking stamps, it was always a thrill to acquire a static-filled, heavily-generated recording of an early show where he unveiled songs we’ve since grown to love.

Costello remains at his impish and most playful best for Belfast date

Six decades in, his shows are still a sell-out success, and Elvis Costello says even now, they feel like a ‘playground’. He tells Andy Welch why keeping a loose framework and not forcing new material does the trick every time.