Elvis Costello: The Great Artist as a solo entertainer

He has played with the greats of popular music, to Basel he came without accompaniment. Elvis Costello enthralls his audience with unbeatable troubadour songs and whipped hard guitar.

... And then sat behind Elvis - Palace Of Arts, Budapest

So the start of the concert has been particularly strong, it was a real joy to music, which only further intensified.

Love, lies, dreams and fraud

In Costello each song can sound like the end of the world. Or like a new beginning.

Elvis Costello: an evening with the master!

Elvis Costello - you do not have much more to say about this exceptional musician. Born in London in 1954 Costello announced Sunday evening the very special guest of the great 30-year-Posthof birthday party.

Elvis Costello: songs about love, lies and deceit

A house music evening with the pop chameleon Elvis Costello solo at the Burgtheater.