Paul McCartney "Flowers In The Dirt"

The long awaited 10th release in the multiple-Grammy Award-winning Paul McCartney Archive Collection is available now, March 24, 2017. Paul’s 1989 international #1 album, Flowers In The Dirt, will be the latest classic solo work from one of the world’s most revered catalogues to get the special treatment across a multi-format reissue released by MPL/Capitol/UMe.

How Elvis Costello Helped Paul McCartney Get His Mojo Back

Costello recalls collaborating with the former Beatle in 1987—songs that are newly released on a reissue of McCartney's Flowers in the Dirt.


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When Paul McCartney teamed up with Elvis Costello, the Beatle got back on track

The 1980s had not been going well for Paul McCartney. A series of commercial flops left even the artist taking stock. “It was time to prove something to myself,” McCartney said back then. That he did. “Flowers in the Dirt,” released in 1989, marked a rebirth.