Elvis Costello SOLO across Europe this Autumn

Elvis Costello will be performing SOLO across Europe this Autumn
including Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Oslo and many more.

Elvis Costello: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester; Kew Gardens, London - Live Review

Over two very different shows Elvis Costello pushed his ambitious boundaries even further, Steve Swift was witness to an artist who refuses to stand still.

More Crowd Chaos As "Tray of Pimms Upset" at Costello Kew Gardens Gig

After just one song the show was stopped by security after a fish slice in the VIP area was misplaced. Costello pleaded with the audience to “calm down a bit” as fans were dragged over security barriers to avoid spoiling their clothes against a tray of spilled Pimms.

Elvis Costello, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

One of a string of rare solo appearances, this was an unpretentious, stripped-down affair. Without visual gimmicks or keyboard-toting wingmen to back him up, Costello drew upon his astonishing catalogue of classics. The results were electrifying.

Elvis Costello - pleasing blend of era-defining hits

"it's the brotherly love onstage and affection from the charmed audience that illuminates Kew Gardens."