Elvis Costello Uses Hits, Deep Cuts To Signal Artistic Vitality

The absolute highlight of the concert came when Costello returned from the shadows once again and he proceeded to perform a wonderfully stripped-back "Alison" with only his acoustic guitar and without a microphone. In the ultimate unplugged moment, Costello offered a revelation. Gently strumming the guitar strings with his thumb, Costello exhibited his own musicality, the full might of his voice and the powerful emotion packed into one of his greatest songs.

Steely Dan, Elvis Costello Close Out Tour at Perfect Vodka

The legendary pop outfit brought along a very special guest in Elvis Costello and his band, the Imposters. Costello opened for Steely Dan, but in truth, this was a double-headliner treat for music fans.

Elvis Costello and Steely Dan make great sense together at the Susq

Should it surprise anybody that Elvis Costello and his rugged yet nuanced backing trio the Imposters worked so well on a bill with the urbane, sophisticated Steely Dan on Monday at Camden's Susquehanna Bank Center? Hardly.

"Got Any Wensleydale?"

Elvis Costello and Steely Dan showed their fans the brilliance of aging cheese: sometimes the longer something sits, the better it becomes.

Last Best Show: Steely Dan and Elvis Costello at the Pavilion

The intense, menacing psychotic fever dream of obsessive love "I Want You" was a deep cut that thrilled true fans. "Pump it Up" and his cover of Nick Lowe's "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding" ended the set on a rocking note.