Elvis Costello Takes Another 'Detour'

Elvis Costello takes his acclaimed Detour solo show for another spin next May including 4 nights at the London Palladium May 10th-14th.

Elvis Costello memoir a truthful mirror

Unfaithful Music is a songwriter's memoir, focussed on craft. The structure is not temporal, but a life in songs. Creation is ineffable, a whole life brought to bear upon a few minutes.

"A Prince In Thin Disguise"

"I have been so lucky to spend even this little time with Allen Toussaint.

I’m grateful to Blue Rider for allowing me to present these amended excerpts from Chapter 28 of “Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink” to tell some of this story.

Allen was unfailingly gracious, elegant and musically curious.

We last shared the stage at the Civic Center in New Orleans in February of this year. As always, he was thoughtful, bringing a late Mardi Gras gift for my wife and asking after the well-being of my sons and my mother, who he had once visited on a trip around Merseyside.

He signed off every note and phone call the same way; “Looking Forward”.

I will miss him very much."

Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album

A compilation of rarities, deep cuts, and alternate mixes, Unfaithful Music serves as an excellent soundtrack and companion to Costello's new memoir.

Nuns banned Elvis Costello taking a Beatles name

Elvis Costello has revealed that he was so obsessed with the Beatles as a boy he tried to take John or Paul as a confirmation name. However his plans were blocked by the disapproving nuns at his secondary school.

The Works Presents Elvis Costello on RTÉ One