Hidden Shame

Hidden Shame

A The Terrible Confession O f A Life-Long
Petty Criminal

I m sorry to say that you don t know me
In many ways you never understood
Each time I tried to tell the ugly truth
You always let it pass you by
You said I d never tell you a lie
Just because I could
Did you really think I was a bad man?
You always said that  bad should be my middle name
But you don t know the half of it
You don t know how that name fits
You don t know my hidden shame
Hidden shame, shame, shame
That I can t get free
From the blame and the torture and the misery
Must it be my secret for eternity?
Till you know my hidden shame you really don t know me
Well, there s a different kind of prison
And it don t even have to look much like a cell
It s already on your mind
Boy, we can see it in your eyes
So, here s the bars and walls as well
Well, you know I m never coming home, dear
You said you d stand by me until I cleared my name
Sure it s easy to be strong
When you know the charge is wrong
But the days and weeks get long
When you ve got a hidden shame
I had a friend when I was just a boy
We were like brothers
We would run and hide
And we went walking on a high hillside
And I really don t how it happened
He turned to me and had this strange look in his eye
And not a single word was spoken
I must have pushed him, but I don t remember why
And all at once, he lay there broken
And I walked down without him and I buried it deep inside
They say you always hurt the one you love
And I m not saying if I did or if I didn t
But like my shame, that kind of love is always hidden
They locked me up here for the ideas in my head
They never got me for the thing I really did


Hidden Shame

June 2009
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