"Viva Las Vegas"

Essential Junk:

Returning to stage later in the night, and always the showman, Costello lamented the missing spinning wheel but joked there’s an app for that. On cue, an i-Pad appeared on stage with a camera trained on its screen as his attractive assistant brought a medley of women on stage to spin the little computer program.

"I Can Sing A Rainbow" was chosen and the band obliged with color songs "Greenshirt", "Red Shoes", and a joyful sing along on Prince’s "Purple Rain" while the women danced happily around Costello. Closing with the favorites "Alison", "Pump It Up", and "Peace Love & Understanding", the atmosphere felt like a party as a few more fans took the stage to dance and sing. One of the finest songwriters to ever play rock and roll, a deep set list, and a spirit of adventure turned the concert into an inspiring celebration of music for both the band and the audience.

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