UK Tour Dates

"Elvis Costello and the Sugarcanes show at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on June 28th is presently their only appearance in the U.K." Concerts at the Birmingham Symphony Hall on June 21st, Oxford New Theatre on June 23rd and St. David's Hall, Cardiff on June 24th are all Elvis Costello solo concerts, following on from highly acclaimed such shows in Australia and Canada. Jam Music: Winspear Centre, Edmonton - February 7, 2010 “If anyone can pull off a solo show and make it sound so much more than just one guy and his guitar — and not even a round-the-neck harmonica holder or knee tambourines to fill out the sound — it’s Elvis Costello.” Herald Sun (Melbourne) 2009-10-12 “Get this. For almost two hours, Elvis Costello stands on the stage of the grand old Palais and sings songs on guitar. That's it -- nothing else -- and he's brilliant.” Hey Hey My My October 11, 2009 Elvis Costello has always been an artist to watch with interest. He performed a solo concert – truly solo – to the extent that when a second microphone was set up by the road crew and he alluded to the impending arrival of a special guest it transpired that the special guest was “Elvis Costello” – seated!