We at Lupe-O-Tone are always looking for exciting new ways to bring music to you.
From July 4th, the new mystery release by The Imposter will be available from the digital vendor of your choice.
We had hoped to deliver a limited vinyl edition into the hands of listeners by this date but when it proved impossible to agree acceptable shipping costs with our former distributor, we took the reluctant decision to delete this title before it caused any more distress to our customers, especially those living overseas.
If you should be unhappy with your choice of this superior Lycanthropic waxing or feel used, abused, broke, busted or disgusted please contact: to cancel your order and receive a full refund.

All other orders will be honored.
The choice is yours.
Don’t buy what you don’t want.

Whether you decide to await the arrival of this finely crafted object or choose the new-fangled, Invisible Record Method, the music will speak for itself.