The Revolver At The Taft

Walter Tunis: The Musical Box.

We always knew there was something of the carnival barker in Elvis Costello. He may forever be viewed as a champion songsmith that has continually taken huge stylistic risks with his music over the past 35 years. But last night at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, he left nearly all of his tireless 2 ¼ hour concert beautifully to chance.

The patrons spun the wheel, Costello played the songs it stopped on and a vinyl booted co-hort referred to as “The Duchess of Lexington” (a local lass perhaps?) danced in the stage right “Hostage-to-Fortune Go-Go Cage.” Some of the audience invitees got their turn in the cage, too. Others were allowed to sip drinks in front of Steve Nieve’s keyboard set-up.

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