The People Speak Again

As a special feature of this tour, Elvis had listed a bunch of his songs on the Spectacular Spinning Songbook  and was inviting selected members of the audience up to the stage to give it a spin.  The song that the wheel landed on would be the song that the band would play. I would've probably pissed myself if I got a chance to go up there and spin it, but I desperately wanted to anyway.  As we have learned previously, that night I was more important than 97% of the people in attendance of the concert, but this still left 3% to crush my dreams.
In the weeks leading up to the concert  I tried not to think about the possibilities too much.  I didn't really think I would get picked, especially if my seat was out in the hall as I feared, but secretly I kept hoping anyway.I even had a song lined up if I spun the wheel and it said I got to request a song. I had absolutely NO knowledge of there being a 'request' section of the wheel, but I thought I'd better be prepared just in case.
I would've requested 'Tokyo Storm Warning'.
or  'I Want You'.
or 'Indoor Fireworks'...
Goddamnit. I could never choose just one.

It turns out that there was a request portion, but the only person who got to make a request was Mr. Costello himself. Well if it isn't gonna be me...

Those goddamn life-ruining shitbird 3% bastards that got to go up on stage, after they spun the wheel, were offered a drink and a seat at a special (not the eating ping-pong balls filled with tuna special, I mean the good kind!) lounge at the side of the stage or they could dance for the crowd in a go-go cage.  A surprisingly high percentage of people elected for the cage.  Some were funny and awkward, one was beautiful and awkward, and one looked like a drunken cow when she fell out of the cage.

My favorite of the amateur dancers managed to lure Elvis into the cage with her for a brief dalliance before he slyly hopped out the other side.  She was charming and funny and somehow managed to cage dance to a slowish tune about a husband cheating on his wife called The Long Honeymoon. When she had originally spun the wheel, people had cheered for the song as it came up because they had been told that it was her fifteenth wedding anniversary, the song obviously had the word honeymoon right in the title, and her husband was somewhere in the crowd. Often lyrics aren't listened to because people are simple.

I feel like I should say more about the music, but my abilities to describe what I heard and how delighted I was are lacking... let's see, um, Great Songs.  See what I mean?
Maybe I could explain it a different way.
Elvis played a song that I always love on his live recordings, and don't think I've ever actually heard in person, called God's Comic.  It is a beautiful, tragically funny song that has this part where traditionally a live audience is supposed to shout the phrase 'Now I'm dead!' back at Elvis after he sings his line.  This is not a hit-single type of song and apparently not a whole lot of people around me knew we were supposed to participate.  So on the first time through, almost no one near me, besides me, sang the line.  It didn't get any better the second time either.  Normally this would encourage me to pipe down and not sing it at all the next time through.  I'm definitely not the singing by myself type.

I sang it louder each time because I was so happy that night.

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