The Last Revolution 2011

So, as we say farewell to the Spectacular Spinning Songbook for the year of 2011, we’d like to thank all of those who attended, span, swung the hammer and tripped the light fantastic…

I would especially like to thank the Imposters both for their remarkable playing and for being sterling fellows, especially as the current melancholy situation made it uncertain whether I would be able to complete these dates.

This show has always been about the balance between vaudeville nonsense and the very large number of songs that we have in our hands. We got to play many of them this year and there are many more still to be performed.

There are many stories to be assembled from the existing fragments, whether determined by chance or not. Recording and even composing is not a matter of urgency to me right now. There are more important matters to which I must attend.

We cannot close here without tipping our hat to Hubert Sumlin who joined us at the Wellmont Theatre, Montclair for a run of songs that he first performed with Howlin’ Wolf.

Hubert’s spirit and humour are undimmed by less robust health and it was a gas for us to share the stage with him and heartening to see him get the acclaim that he received from those in attendance.

If such institutions as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are to have any meaning, Hubert has to be in there in the “Sideman” category (along with Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant but don’t get me started on that one).

To do otherwise is to make a nonsense of the other ennoblements. I urge you to write to your congressman to get this fixed. It’s not as if they have anything else to do.

If all is well or for as long as it is possible, a European solo tour will commence on the 26th of October in Athens.

The grave uncertainty over my father’s health made it necessary to regretfully cancel two shows, in order that I be free to visit him at regular intervals.

It has truthfully been as difficult to take to the stage with a light heart recently, as it has been welcome to lose myself in song.

I would like to thank those who have sent their good wishes without knowing the real circumstances and grateful for the understanding of those for whom we have been unable to perform.

The Spectacular Spinning Songbook will return in 2012. We hope to revisit as many of the U.S towns to which we were recently unable to journey as will welcome us back and a few more besides, before the Wheel travels to Europe in the Spring of next year.

Until then, I hope you will be practicing your steps for The Frug, The Continentel and the Loddy-Lo.


Photo: Joe