The Brodsky Quartet: Elvis Costello's 'Il Sogno' and other gems

The Brodsky Quartet: Trees, Walls, Cities...

Kings Place: 7th - 9th November 2013.

In our programmes this week we showcase the extraordinary versatility of this group of instruments. Recognised by composers through the ages as a formidable communication tool, many of the greats saved their most poignant offerings for these 'fab fours'.

Starting out life in Germany and Austria in the hands of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, look at how it has flourished. Arriaga, Debussy, Ravel, Elgar, Tchaikovsky and others have all paved the way for a veritable explosion of gifts from all corners of the globe.

We sincerely hope that in these three evenings of music we show what an amazing force the string quartet can be. Old, new, serious, humorous, enormously colourful and endlessly adaptable.' - Brodsky Quartet

7th November:

The Brodsky Quartet with Loré Lixenberg - Trees, Walls, Cities... Songs, Old and New .. Buy Tickets:

The focus of our first concert is the newly commissioned song cycle Trees, Walls, Cities, conceived as a modern-day Winterreise.

This journey however is inspired by cities which have at their centre, walls and trees. It is this rather hopeful notion that nature will win out in the end which inspired the creation of the work. No matter how intimidating the wall, a mere tree will grow under and over it, eventually taking it down.

8th November:

The Brodsky Quartet - A String of Pearls... From Vienna and Beyond .. Buy Tickets:

This concert takes us on excursions that reflect the long journey the string quartet has made over its life. Each half begins in Vienna: 1st then 2nd School juxtaposed with wonderfully colourful pieces written for the Brodskys by composers from around the world.

9th November:

The Brodsky Quartet: Elvis Costello's ‘Il Sogno’ and other gems .. Buy Tickets:

The third and final Brodsky Quartet concert centres around Elvis Costello’s stunning ballet music, Il Sogno. Commissioned in 2000 by the Italian company Aterballeto for their adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the work is now a regular part of the orchestral repertoire.

Robert Davidson, bass player in the Brisbane-based group Topology,  has written a number of pieces for the Quartet over the years, and tonight they perform his brilliant, tongue-in-cheek Three Men and a Blonde, written for them for their 40th anniversary, and his stupendous arrangement of Il Sogno for 8 players, in which he somehow manages to keep all the colour, nuance and humour of the full orchestral version.

The Brubeck was also written for The Brodsky Quartet and is his response to the events of 9/11. Prokofiev's glorious Hebrew Themes leads us perfectly into Costello’s sound world.

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