Subway Moon

Subway Moon is an on-going musical/video performing experience that combines the forces of professional jazz musicians and filmmakers with high-school music students from around the world. It is designed to be 1) a public performance series including jazz, poetry, and film; and 2) an educational and field-experiential program for students from a far-reaching compass of backgrounds.

Since we began ten years ago, Subway Moon has presented concerts in fourteen unique venues in New York, Paris, Newcastle/Gateshead (England), Munich, and Hamburg. And upcoming in May is our visit to Detroit. Hundreds of high school students, including those from our home-base at Manhattan's Institute for Collaborative Education, have had the unusual opportunity to perform in professional venues with professional musicians as well as with their peers from other cities and countries.

It is no surprise that Philip Johnson in Britain's Independent called Subway Moon “a life-changing experience for its participants...It was the most inspiring performance I've seen in years.” The full text of the review (and many others) is available on our website: Please visit the site to find links to videos of our past performances and a description of the goals and the history of Subway Moon.

But producing shows in quality theaters and traveling to other cities costs money. We have been privileged to have received grants for the past two years from the Augustine Foundation of New York. But their generous gifts still leave us with a shortfall, especially for traveling expenses. Many I.C.E. students are fortunate to be able to fund their own travel tickets, but others are relying on a little help. So we are turning to the general public for financial donations. Our suggested amount of $50 is a big boost, and even smaller amounts will make a difference. You can help make our trip to Detroit a reality for all our students!

Please don't let the talents of these enthusiastic teenagers wither. Here are two easy ways to donate to Subway Moon:

Donate on the Subway Moon website at (major credit cards accepted)
Send checks payable to the I.C.E. PTA or Jazz Passengers Music Projects, Inc. to the address below (attn: Roy Nathanson).

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and you will receive a donation acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.

On behalf of all our current students, and our students-to-be, we thank you for your gift and your consideration.

Subway Moon
c/o Roy Nathanson
559 Marlborough Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226