"Shut Up And Don't Sing"

SvD: June 9th, 2012

Quick Costello Doesn't Have The Sense To Finish On Time

It was five years ago when Elvis Costello was in Sweden last.

In that time, the ever-industrious 57-year-old, in addition to unremittingly work with and present their music, distinguished itself as the host of a notable talk show on television. Interviewing musicians colleagues took him just fine; excavation work in music history has been intensified and deepened since he was an angry young man pub rock/punkman in London in the 1970s.

To the old cinema lounge at Mariatorget, he is alone with six guitars, a digital piano, four speaker boxes and some effects pedals. The latter he is playing around with and like everyone else these days, he must necessarily circulate itself to a enmansorkester. A piece in the concert, he presents himself as a guest artist before he sits in a chair a little on the side and plays One bell ringing, an exemplary ease David Crosby-sounding song from latest album National ransom.

The man in the hat catch a few songs from the album, and layering them seamlessly with no obvious låtval side-by-side on the songs, which can all be: "Watching The Detectives", "Alison" and Shipbuilding. Just as seamlessly includes songs written by others. From the concert opener of Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece to Nick Lowes closing (What's so funny ' bout) peace, love and understanding?

Is it actually a lot.

The concert is at a quick tempo, it is always of very neat approach and fully in black dressed Costello, but is still too long.

He is good when he stops singing, going forward to the stage edge to receive joy and celebration, but has difficulty ending the concert at the appointed hour . There will be two huge lengthy encore before he has the intelligence to withdraw.