"Married To My Hack"

Days Of The Crazy-Wild: Michael Goldberg: 2nd September 2014

The upcoming Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes, is an unexpected delight.

I’ve been listening to the 20-song deluxe version for nearly a week now, and despite my initial skepticism — how could anyone but Dylan write music to Bob Dylan lyrics — the actual recordings make for wonderful album.

Highlights include the Jim James sung opening track, “Down On The Bottom,” both versions of the title track, “Lost On THe River,” Rhiannon Giddens’ “Spanish Mary,” as well as “Kansas City” and both versions of “Liberty Street.” And there are many more gems.

Today a second track off the album, the terrific “Married To My Hack,” sung by Elvis Costello, was released.

Dig it.

The key to enjoying this album is not to compare it to the “Basement Tapes,” or any other Dylan album.

Think of it instead as a T Bone Burnett concept album, in which he was brought together a great group of musicians/sings and got them to write an eclectic batch of songs that somehow fit together.

Of course we know that Dylan wrote the words, or at least most of the words, but think of that as a bonus.

On its own merits, not compared to anything, this is a very good album.

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