Jetty: Unite & Rebuild: In Support Of The Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

In an effort to aid those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, Jetty have designed a relief t-shirt which will allow them to "Unite & Rebuild!" Profits from the sales of this custom, Jetty T-shirt will go to victims of the storm who are in direct need of assistance as well as the emergency response units who risked their lives to save others. Jetty will be accepting pre-orders through Friday, November 16th and at that time they will screen print & deliver the first wave of orders. This relief effort will be focused within New Jersey which was most heavily impacted by the storm. Our thoughts lie with all who were affected by this historic and devastating storm. Order a T-shirt Here!

About Jetty:

Why - Because it's what we do, we use our brand as a vehicle to help others who are in need. Charity and community are main pillars on which Jetty was built.  New Jersey took a direct and devastating hit from Hurricane Sandy, and we have already started to give back in our local community. From here, we will extend our reach and donations to other communities who are suffering from this storm.

How - We are using our expertise in screen-printing and apparel to raise money as quickly as possible. We have the ability to design and print t-shirts in-house with our eco-friendly, water based ink system.  Using our brand to spread awareness allows us to take in donations and get the money to those who need direct aid.

Who - We want to help real people in real situations.  We appreciate the large charities, but want to bring supplies to shelters, help those who need direct financial assistance, and support the first responder emergency units who saved lives and continue to risk their own.  The small things like blankets and socks will give immediate aid. For those who are displaced from their homes long term, we will help facilitate and supply warmth, shelter, and food. Lastly, we need to support the emergency units who exist only because of donations.  These volunteer fire stations and EMT's need funds for the vehicles and stations that allow them to save lives.

Where - We'll begin in NJ where we were born and raised, started our business, and currently reside. We would love to raise funds sufficient enough to help other affected areas like Long Island & the Delmarva coastal communities, who are also suffering in the wake of this tragedy.

What - It's a $20 t-shirt designed by Jetty creative director John Clifford. The profits from the sales of this shirt go directly to those who need it most. (as of Nov 7th, we've already donated more that $11,000 in supplies. This is only the very tip of the iceberg)