The Revolver Tour rolls out of Reno in less than a week and our mailbag has been full of enquiries as to how this show is going to work.

The simple answer is that members of the audience will be invited onto the stage to spin the newly constructed, “Spectacular Spinning Songbook” – an almost immense wheel of songs.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters will then play whatever comes up.

This is an entirely different way to shake the bag.

You will hear many of the songs on offer, whether they are hits, rarities or songs by other artistes.

While the curious among you will see a number of famous tunes spinning by, rehearsals have also yielded a number of songs that have rarely, if ever, been heard in concert. As the old song says, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

We are not in a position to reveal the entire repertoire but can tell you that 34 songs will be named nightly among the forty banners that make up the Spectacular Spinning Songbook. Many of these will change from show to show.

Six additional purple “Jackpot” banners will also be in place.

These may include one that reads: “Happy”.

Should this selection come up, the number of songs performed from the album “Get Happy” will be found in a sealed envelope.

On other nights, these banners may read “Aim”, “Imperial Chocolate”, “Model” or even “King’s Ransom”. We will leave it to your imagination as to what will occur, if these should be selected.

Other Jackpot banners that may be featured include, “I Can Sing A Rainbow”, “Joanna”, allowing for song with accompaniment by Steve Nieve to be chosen spontaneously from a large pile of sheet music and one that simply reads, “Girl”.

Elvis Costello will once again take the role of the M.C. “Napoleon Dynamite” – a showbusiness alias later abducted by aliens. Consequently, it should be easy to guess the significance of the Jackpot banner reading, “Napoleon Solo”.

Contestants will be offered light refreshments in the Society Lounge during the performance of the song that their spin has selected but those of a less nervous disposition may care to shake a tailfeather in Hostage To Fortune Go-Go Cage.

A “Request” light will also be in operation from time to time to further change the scene.

The Spectacular Spinning Songbook was first seen in 1986, when Elvis Costello and the Attractions had only eleven albums in the racks plus a handful of songs by pop giants from Prince to ABBA.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters will be performing songs from more than thirty record albums, including several made by other people, having rehearsed approximately, 157 and a half separate titles prior to this engagement, not including the songs they intend to learn on the night.

Many of you present at those earlier shows will fondly remember the part played by Xavier Valentine - “Your guide from your place in the stalls to your place in the stars”. We are delighted to announce that Xavier’s niece, Katya Valentina Valentine, will be joining the company.  

The first rule of this show seems to be that there are no actual rules just some made up stuff.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters reserve the right to play whatever the hell they feel like and will on occasion, cheat, quite shamelessly.

Moon Conway. May Day. By telegraphic wire from the parking lot of the Cal-Neva Lodge.