Elvis Costello's aim is true with 'Imperial Bedroom' at the Tower

Philly.com: Dan DeLuca: June 17th 2017.

Revisiting classic albums on anniversary years is a tempting career strategy for any artist with a decade or more under their belt. Records used to sell more than they do now, and more tickets can be moved to fans wishing to revisit the glories of their youth than those willing to buy into the idea that the new stuff could be as good as the old.

Elvis Costello is willing to play along, but only if he can do it in his own unpredictable way. (As opposed to U2, who will embrace the obvious by playing the 30 year old Joshua Tree from start to finish on Sunday)

It’s 2017, right? So the easy money Costello play would be to commemorate the 40th anniversary of My Aim Is True, his 1977 angry young man debut. 

He did touch on that album during his show with the Imposters at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby on Saturday night, with an “Alison” performed on acoustic guitar with vocal accompaniment from singers Kitten Kuroi and Briana Lee, plus the blue mood of “Watching the Detectives,” with entertaining visuals featuring vintage film noir movie posters on the big screen behind him.