Elvis Costello travels back to the "Imperial Bedroom"

OnMilwaukee: Bobby Tangelo: July 16th 2017

Giving in -- but only sorta -- to the trend of touring to play an entire album on a landmark anniversary of the record's release, Elvis Costello brought his band The Imposters to the Riverside Theater Sunday night as part of the "Imperial Bedroom and Other Chambers" tour.

The tour restarted in Milwaukee tonight after taking a few weeks off.

Costello revisited his much acclaimed 1982 record, "Imperial Bedroom," at the show, but being his own man, as he always has, he bucked the trend not only by not playing the record straight through, in order, but by skipping a couple tracks all together.

Some of the album's tracks weren't aired until the show's long encore (at 13 songs, the two encores were nearly as long as the 16-song set).