Elvis Costello Rocks Amazing Singing Songbook Set

Rolling Stone: Patrick Doyle: May 24th 2011

"For the final encore, Costello emerged in a gold suit and leopard-print hat and welcomed an audience member who exemplified the downside of a show with such heavy crowd participation. After Costello began the tender classic "Alison," she made her way to the go-go cage and broke out some pole-dancing moves. Then she grinded up against Costello and fell down. He discreetly motioned for a go-go dancer to take her away. "Come and get your girlfriend!" he asked her companion helplessly when she still wouldn't leave.

But the energy only encouraged Costello. He quickly moved into a soul medley including "Tracks of My Tears" "Tears of a Clown," and "Suspicious Minds." He then ripped into a raucous "Purple Rain," inviting T-Bone Burnett busting out some seriously jagged dance moves. He wasn't done yet, performing "Pump it Up," while working in lines of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" – likely in honor of Bob Dylan's birthday today. We can only imagine what kind of tribute Costello will give Dylan tonight."

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