Costello alone - and super sharp

Afton Bladet: June 10th, 2012

It is undoubtedly a little luxury to see Elvis Costello on such a small scene that Rival, ahead of just over 600 people. In particular he indulges us with nearly 30 songs for two and a half hours.

He will completely solo, with its many guitars and a piano, and ask of course, apologises for the fact that he had set up in such a short notice in the autumn. However, there was good reason. Costello's father and his father's  wife passed within just a few days, last November.

We are facing an equally sharp and entertaining performer as usual tonight, joking about all young people in Stockholm who travels around Stockholm in a truck, listening to techno.

But his feelings for his father, a jazz musician who once got The Beatles autographs for Costello, and the rest of the family puts its stamp on the evening.

The love of jazz and old American evergreens as much as British, has been allowed to blossom in recent years He sings with the heart of his three sons, and tells the story of his grandparents, which formed the basis of the old hit "Veronica".

Costello puts a lot of commitment into newer songs like,  "For more tears" and interpreting Dylan, Young and Sinatra.

Even the audience who came for the classics will be richly rewarded.

I have rarely heard a finer "Shipbuilding" and "I Want You", where Costello sings over her own sampled loop, blazes strongly.