"Concert of the year" by Elvis Costello in the CCH

Hamburger Abendblatt: Heinrich Oehmsen: June 4th, 2012

Costello is not only singer, but also entertainers in a gaudy show - the audience goes with all happy faces.


The large wheel rotates once. Who does not dream of it? Andrea, Ella, Christian, Yolanda and a few more fans of Elvis Costello to get this opportunity within the vaudeville show of British singer and guitarist, on the stage of CCH.

Led by the long-legged Assistant Katarina on the stage, they must the colourful Ferris wheel "spinning wheel", rotate and select the song Costello, and his Imposters next play.

In 40 fields are songs from the character repertoire, there are also a few jackpot fields. Andrea, first candidate, turns right on the jackpot "Time" and the four-piece band plays then three numbers on the subject of time: "Strict Time", "Man Out Of Time" and "Out Of Time" by the Rolling Stones.

Costello is not only a singer, but also master of ceremonies in this gaudy show.

He scurries back and forth between dance cage, wheel of fortune , climbs down into the Hall to select candidates, interviews them, and depending on which song the wheel magically stops, switches quickly between acoustic and electric guitar.

He inherited this soft spot for this form of entertainment from his grandfather and his father, who were both musicians in entertainment orchestras.

The 57 year-old reflected his political involvement as a first-class entertainer, but and his anger about many injustices in the world is not  left in the dressing-room.

Naturally, we heard "Shipbuilding" in the program, that wreathed melancholic anti war song that he wrote twenty years ago during the Falklands war and also "National Ransom", his angry statement with greedy brokers during the 31 songs he plays in 165 minutes of relentless.

The audience in the only half-full great Hall of CCH is completely out of the House, jumps up again and again standing to applaud Costello, and as the wheel of fortune on the joker is retained, it calls in particular "I Want You".

As the final song of the last Encore, he plays this passionate love song

As the Auditorium flows out shortly before 11 P.m, one sees all happy faces and hears same comment again and again: "Concert Of The Year!"