Elvis Costello Rocks a Fun and Fiery Set at Shelburne Museum

Ben & Jerry’s: July 24th 2017: Photo’s By Justin Gural

His Aim Is True

Singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. Master/interpreter of pop, punk, country, classical, jazz, opera, R&B, and other genres we’re probably forgetting. Actor, talk-show host, and best-selling author. One of the 100 greatest artists of all time (according to Rolling Stone).

Elvis Costello is all that and more. And on July 23, he brought his many multitalented personas, along with his longtime band, the Imposters, to Shelburne Museum for a rollicking stop on his “Imperial Bedroom and Other Chambers” tour.

So Many Rooms to Explore

Since it hit stores in 1982, Imperial Bedroom has come to be seen as a masterpiece. But Costello isn’t using the 35th anniversary of its release to indulge in nostalgia. “What I want it to do,” he’s said, “is open the door to the other rooms, the other chambers that are mentioned in the playbill. And in those rooms are these other songs”—songs that, to Costello, have some sort of musical or thematic connection to the album.