50/50 Vision

“You want imagination
But you cannot pretend”

1. April 5th

2. Suit Of Lights

3. The Birds Will Still Be Singing

4. Jimmie Standing In The Rain

5. Shipbuilding

"The truth can't hurt you, it's just like the dark
It scares you witless but in time you see things clear and stark"

6. Poison Moon

7. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.4

8. High Fidelity

9. I Want You

10. In Another Room


“And you think you're a guest, you're a tourist at best"

11. Man Out Of Time

12. My Dark Life

13. Ascension Day

14. Country Darkness

15. God Give Me Strength

16. Almost Blue

17. Indoor Fireworks

18. Fallen

19. New Lace Sleeves

20. When I Was Cruel No. 2


“It's only money
It's only numbers
Maybe it is time to put aside these fictitious wonders”

21. Beyond Belief

22. I Want To Vanish

23. London's Brilliant Parade

24. My Three Sons

25. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

26. All Grown Up

27. 45

28. Riot Act

29. All This Useless Beauty

30. Red Cotton

“An uncivil war divides the nation
So erase the tape on the final ape running down creation”

31. Sleep of The Just

32. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

33. The River In Reverse

34. Stations Of The Cross

35. Watching The Detectives

36. Little Triggers

37. Shot With His Own Gun

38. Alison

39. Talking In The Dark

40. Watch Your Step

“Cheap cut satin and bad perfume
Showtime is almost here”

41. King Horse

42. Love Field

43. The Long Honeymoon

44. In The Darkest Place

45. Motel Matches

46. Stranger In The House

47. Tramp The Dirt Down

48. Bedlam

49. Oliver's Army

50. The Scarlet Tide


“They're so tired of shooting protest singers that they hardly mention us”

51. All The Rage

52. Tokyo Storm Warning

53. That Day Is Done

54. Still

55. So Like Candy

56. Accidents Will Happen

57. Brilliant Mistake

58. Lipstick Vogue

59. New Amsterdam

60. American Without Tears


“Fill up that empty space in your heart, listen up when the herald says, “Hark”

61. I’m In The Mood Again

62. A Voice In The Dark

63. Veronica

64. What's Her Name Today?

65. For The Stars

66. She Handed Me A Mirror

67. Dirty Rotten Shame

68. Ghost Train

69. Episode Of Blonde

70. Party Girl


“It's strange to finally find myself so tongue-tied”

71. Black And White World

72. Heart Shaped Bruise

73. Dr Watson, I Presume

74. Big Tears

75. Pump It Up

76. Black Sails In The Sunset

77. Someone Took The Words Away

78. Poisoned Rose

79. All These Strangers

80. Human Hands


“There’s a merry song that starts in “I” and ends in “You”, as many famous pop songs do”

81. This Year’s Girl

82. Harry Worth

83. You Little Fool

84. I’ll Wear It Proudly

85. Tart

86. Toledo

87. You Tripped At Every Step

88. This House Is Empty Now

89. Just A Memory

90. Favourite Hour


"It's not a matter of life and death but what is?"

91. Basement Kiss

92. Sulky Girl

93. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head

94. Hoover Factory

95. Clubland

96. Pills and Soap

97. Bullets For The New-Born King

98. No Star - "1975. Unrecorded"

99. No Wonder

100. Less Than Zero