"Steve Nieve Is Completely Well"

"We are pleased to announce that Steve Nieve is completely well, having experienced a severe muscle spasm during the Spectacular Spinning Songbook show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The episode forced Mr. Nieve from the stage after two stellar piano performances of the songs "Black Sails In The Sunset" and "Talking In The Dark". Thankfully, he is now completely recovered and "The Revolver Tour" will next play the State Theatre in Minneapolis on Wednesday the 29th of June.

"On the eve of the Grand Rapids show, an impromptu decision was made to incorporate the Spectacular Spinning Songbook in the appearance at Meijer Gardens, a beautiful setting not originally thought to be suitable for the presentation, as shows there take place in both broad daylight and are completely open to the elements. Although forecast bad weather did not make an appearance, the show took a rather unexpectedly dramatic turn after about 55 minutes when Mr. Nieve was suddenly unable to continue.

To avoid causing unnecessary alarm while Mr. Nieve was being examined as a standard precaution, Mr. Costello took the decision to continue with the show in solo performance, featuring such songs as "You Little Fool", "Everyday I Write The Book". "Radio Sweetheart" and "Sulphur To Sugarcane".

"The Elvis Costello Experience" then made its first appearance since 1980 in the Channel Islands, playing trio versions of "Chelsea", "Less Than Zero" "Bedlam" and an extended "Watching The Detectives", incorporating verses from "Help Me" and "Love That Burns". These unique renditions seemed to meet with audience approval despite the unfortunate circumstances. Although tonight's total performance lasted more than two and a quarter hours, the entire company look forward to a full return engagement on some future occasion.

Napoleon Dynamite, Elvis Costello and the Imposters would like to extend special thanks to local gal, Keri Larsen Kujala, who, at very short notice, danced the role of "Miss Cindy Withers", in the absence of the originally unscheduled, regular cast member Melisa Valdez ("Dixie De La Fontaine"). Ms Kujala brought an especially lively presence to the void on stage right during the closing numbers. We will always think fondly of her contribution."